Chapter Policies


If a substitute player is needed in a league and there are none available, a regular league player may bring a non-member ONCE as a guest substitute for that day. The substitute player pays the greens fee like any other substitute player. If a guest plans on substituting more than once, they are required to join LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Coastal NJ Chapter and pay the substitute fee. This can happen at any time during the season.


Since LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Coastal NJ prepays the golf course in advance of the season, there will be no refunds. The exception is if a league is specified as "pay as you go." It is our policy that we will not provide refunds for missed events or to league members for league play. 

Members are provided with a list of potential league substitutes. Also, the league coordinator provides the league members with the amount golf cost per week. If a league participant is unable to play in a given week, it will be up to the league participant to find a substitute and settle the cost of golf between the substitute and the league participant.

In the circumstance where we have a scheduled event that is on the same day as league play, it will be up to the league participant to find a substitute as outlined above. The LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Coastal NJ chapter will not refund league participants for league play to enable them to participate in another event.


We want our users to be aware of our policy regarding information we collect and how we use it:

Information collection and use:  We respect each site visitor’s right to personal privacy.   To that end, we collect and use information throughout our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.   This statement applies solely to information collected on this website.

For each visitor to our website, our web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or email address.  The information we collect is:

  • Used to improve the content of our Web page.
  • Used to notify visitors about updates to our Web site.
  • Never shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.

A user must provide contact information (such as name, email and address) to register themselves and credit card information to make payments on this site. If we have trouble processing a credit card transaction, we use the information to contact the user.

Pictures may be taken at any LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Coastal NJ event or league.  These photos could potentially be shown on the web site, social media or in the newsletter.  If you have any objection to appearing in such public photos, please notify the event coordinator.


Contact the golf course or league coordinator after 3:30 p.m. (for 9-hole leagues) to inquire whether league play will occur on that day. For 18-hole leagues, speak with your league coordinator to see how they want to handle it. All league cancellations are rescheduled after the regular season ends – a maximum of 2 times. This limit is based on course feedback.


The LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Coastal NJ Chapter does not currently have a mandatory attendance policy. With that said, anyone signing up for leagues must confirm their attendance three days in advance. Weekly confirmation sign-up emails will be sent to league members to confirm your spot. In the event you cannot attend, event coordinators will have three days to find a substitute to fill your spot.  Realizing that sometime last minute things pop up, we respectfully ask that you contact the league coordinator as soon as possible. Keeping our attendance puts us in the good graces of the course at which we play and sets us up for more tee times and secure courses from year to year. 

Your cooperation with the policy is greatly appreciated!


We are women with a passion for golf who come together for fitness, fun, friendship and professional networking. We offer programs and events where you can meet and connect with engaging women of all ages, with all levels of golf experience, from a broad spectrum of career paths.

In keeping in the spirit of the mission of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Coastal NJ would like to initiate the following weekend events pairing guidelines:

When registering for an event, please indicate your ONE playing partner in the registration.  Please make sure that your playing partner will be registering for this event so that we can accommodate all requests.  Please take this opportunity to get to know others in the chapter, especially our new members. This will also make setting up the pairings and tee times less complex for the event coordinator.

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