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Pop-Up Golf registration is open now!

Click on the league name below for details, fee, policies, course schedule and to register. The course schedules can be viewed by clicking the Course Schedule in the table below.  REGISTRATION FOR LEAGUES OPENS MARCH 27th @ 8 a.m.


League NameHoles Start DateSkill LevelCoordinator
Pop-up Golf Various 4/1/2022AllRobbie Cohen
Indoor Winter Wednesday Evenings9 1/11/2023AllLaura Tarlow
Indoor Winter Thursday Mornings9 1/12/2023AllLaura Tarlow
2023 Leagues     
Monday Fore Fun9
5/15/2023BeginnersVarious TBD
Tuesday Two Putt18 5/2/2023All*Ann Mackey
   Schedule of Courses to be Published Later     
Tuesday in the Park9 4/18/2023All*Judy Chevalier
    Schedule of Courses to be Published Later     
Wednesday Pebble Creek9 4/19/2023All*Karen Kantor & Jill Widman
Wednesday Spring Meadow9 4/19/2023All*Ann Mackey
Thursday Eagle Ridge9 5/4/2023All*Gabrielle Salemi
Thursday Sharks9 4/20/2023All*Judy Chevalier
Thursdays Traveling18 4/20/2023All*Joanna Castellano
    Schedule to be Published Later     

*Skill level:  details are provided on the league registration pages. 

League Fee:  There is a $40 administration fee for each league you join. There is NO discount if you join multiple leagues. The $40 fee supports league administration expenses. There is no fee for either of the pop-up leagues. The fee for leagues started after June 1 is generally less and will be on the information page / portal.

League Season:  Early April to mid September/October.

Weekly League fees:  Vary depending on the league, course and whether walking or riding.

Membership:  All leagues are exclusive to members of the LPGA Amateurs - Coastal New Jersey Chapter. A member must be in good standing with annual membership paid in full.

Registration is open to all current active members, and each spot is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Please contact the league coordinator with any questions.


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