Chapter Policies

Non-Solicitation Policy

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Nashville has a very strict policy on the use of any and all member and Chapter contact information. This applies to information on the LPGA Amateur Golf Association website and on its Chapter websites and includes generic Chapter email addresses, member information and Chapter volunteer contact information. All LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Nashville contact information is the intellectual property of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and is to be used only with permission by the LPGA Amateur Golf Association or by its Chapters.

The generic Chapter email addresses on the Chapter's website are intended for personal use by its members wishing to connect with other members and for non-members wishing to learn more about the association. Volunteer contact information posted on Chapter websites is posted for the same reasons.

Should a company or individual wish to explore a partnership with the Chapter in order to gain permission to reach its Chapter members or other Chapters, they are to contact the association by sending an email inquiry to the Chapter President. Under no circumstances are companies or individuals to pull email addresses from any Chapter website to send unauthorized solicitations. To do so is strictly prohibited and violators risk legal action.

LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Nashville Cancellation/Refund Policy

Members may register as space is available. Members wishing to cancel their RSVP  (no fees paid) or paid reservation may do so by visiting your order Summary and click on "View & Manage".

Regardless of when a member chooses to cancel the registration or RSVP, every attempt will be made to provide a refund.

However, should a member just choose to not attend or if the Chapter has confirmed their attendance (regardless of whether it is a paid registration or an RSVP) and is unable to cancel that person’s registration and the chapter is required to pay the golf course for that person's spot, the member is liable for payment and/or no refund will be given.  A cancelling member is welcome to attempt to find a replacement prior to the event to "transfer" their attendance (paid) and should contact the Event Director for additional details.

This policy also applies to non-members/guests.


Chapter Sponsors & Partners