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TOPGOLF Returns in 2022!!! 

Stay tuned for Topgolf Saturdays where we will meet in any weather to play golf, eat, drink and be merry.  It helps to start "knocking the rust off" before the golf season gets in full "swing".  It is always fun to get together at Topgolf in Nashville.

CHAPTER CHAMPIONSHIP - A Great Success!!!!  

Wow, it was a great day for the 28 ladies who came out to The Hermitage Golf Course to participate. The weather cooperated and we all finished before it was too dark. A big thanks to tournament director, Marie Tucker, and co-organizer, Terry Applegate, for all their hard work! Congratulations to all the winners!

Championship Flight

Karin Rader – The Champion!
Danna Raube – 1st Low Net
Sue Gray – 2nd Low Gross
Leann Crawley – 2nd Low Net

1st Flight
Laura Hodge – 1st Low Gross
Kaye Steed – 1st Low Net
Cheryl Hibbett – 2nd Low Gross
Sun Swanson – 2nd Low Net

2nd Flight
Carolyn Johnson – 1st Low Gross
Susan Shivas – 1st Low Net
Dottie Dube – 2nd Low Gross
Dobrila Pintar – 2nd Low Net

3rd Flight
Jen Cherry – 1st Low Gross
Cindy Courteau – 1st Low Net
Susan Hayes – 2nd Low Gross
Andrea Velasquez – 2nd Low Net

4th Flight
Yolanda Inge – 1st Low Gross
Monica Nutty – 1st Low Net
Stephanie Garrett – 2nd Low Gross
Lorraine Martinez – 2nd Low Net


LPGA Amateur Golf Association Membership Directory

Did you know that the Membership Directory is available for you to be able to find other members of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and connect with them?

The purpose of the Membership Directory is to allow opted in members to be able to connect with other members within and outside of the Chapter.

Use of this Membership Directory:
The information contained in the Membership Directory is intended for personal use by members of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ in regard to golf-related and networking-related activities. Use of this information for broad-based solicitations or mass communications is prohibited. Information contained in the Membership Database is not to be distributed outside of the organization, copied, published, sold, or in any way disseminated.

In order for other members to find you, you must “OPT IN” by making your contact information visible in the directory.  Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Be sure you are logged into your LPGA Amateurs Account on our website: https://chapters.lpgaamateurs.com/chapter/TNNA
  2. Click on Member Clubhouse in upper right-hand corner of our website or you can get there by going here: https://members.lpgaamateurs.com/
  3. On the left side menu, choose My Profile.
  4. Under the Account tab across the top, be sure you have selected Personal Info.
  5. There are 4 places on this page where you MUST “Opt In” in order for your contact information to be visible in the LPGA Amateurs Global Member Directory.
  6. The first question is: Do you wish to opt in to the Global Member Directory?:
    Select Yes, opt in from the pull down menu.
  7. The second question is: Do you wish to opt in to having the following information show in the Global Member Directory?Primary email address:
    Select Yes, opt in from the pull down menu.
  8. The third question is: Primary address (city, state/province, zip code):
    Select Yes, opt in from the pull down menu.
  9. The fourth and final question is: Primary phone number:
    Select Yes, opt in from the pull down menu.
  10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SAVE!


Chapter News

Volunteers are the heart and backbone of our Chapter. Through our volunteers, we are able to offer golf play dates, social events, annual chapter gatherings, competition play and support to other organizations that promote the game of golf.

As a member, YOU have the responsibility to help our chapter succeed. There is a place for everyone and everyone’s help is appreciated. Not only do you feel good giving, you WILL also benefit in so many ways.  New friends, new skills, new experiences.

Volunteer roles include:
 - Board of Directors
 - Ad Hoc Board positions
 - League Captains
 - Committee members

Jeannie Musterman Volunteer of the Year Award

For much of our early history, Jeannie served as a dedicated and passionate volunteer. To honor our friend and longtime Executive Womens Golf Association member Jeannie Musterman, we started an Outstanding Volunteer Award to be presented to a Chapter member who exemplifies her qualities in exceptional volunteer participation and leadership. Jeannie was a no-nonsense, task orientated member who never hesitated to take on any opportunity to help her fellow members. Through her volunteer efforts she demonstrated to us all her love for the game of golf and compassion to help others.

The Jeannie Musterman Outstanding Volunteer Award is voted on by the membership and awarded each year at our End of the Year Celebration.

Congratulations to:

Andrea Velasquez - our 2020 Jeannie Musterman Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient!  And

Sue Atkin - our 2021 Jeannie Musterman Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient!

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The LPGA Amateurs is a welcoming golf community for all women to Connect, Learn, Play, and Belong. You get it all with the LPGA Amateurs, the experiences are unforgettable and the benefits are priceless. The highlights of the benefits include organized golf (leagues, outings, clinics, LPGA Amateurs competitive events and golf travel experiences), social and networking events, golf education, free entrance for a member plus one guest to LPGA Tour events (in US and Canada), discounts on apparel, equipment, travel, greens fees but there is much more! View membership information here!

LPGA Amateurs Nashville Chapter offers organized and Chapter-run golf opportunities for members six days a week.  We have golf leagues every day except Friday and Saturday.  In addition, we have organized golf playdates at Tennessee golf courses at least two weekends a month.  Our Chapter offers many golf opportunities for women who want to play golf!
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