LPGA Amateur Golf Association Nashville Chapter
Chapter Leagues

Our Chapter offers several league options. Each golf course offers a little something different to players of all levels.

In addition to using Ambassadors for each foursome, we are utilizing the ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) method to manage play. Each player determines the maximum strokes they are to take based on their handicap.

Course Handicap   Maximum Score per Hole
Up to 9                       Double Bogey
10-19                           7
20-29                         8
30-39                         9
40 or higher or          10
no handicap


Contact the Coordinator (see Names with email links above) OR

  1. Locate your Order Summary in your email and click on "View & Manage"
  2. Click on the ticket
  3. On the left side is an RSVP, "Cancel Order"

PLEASE BE COURTEOUS! If you sign up, WE EXPECT YOU TO PLAY. If you cancel the same day or at the last minute, you are making it difficult for the coordinators to adjust the players and probably stopping someone else from signing up.

McCabe GC   9 holes; Wednesdays beginning at 4:10pm
NOTE: Remaining FALL dates to play will begin at 3:45pm
League Coordinator -  Anita Tipton

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Nashboro GC  9 holes; Thursdays beginning at 4:00pm
League Coordinator -  Linda Wells

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Harpeth Hills GC  9 holes; Mondays beginning at 4:00pm
League Coordinator -  Mary Watts

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Franklin Bridge GC  9 holes; Tuesdays beginning at 4:30pm
League Coordinator - Teresa Lott 

Hermitage GC 18 holes; Sundays beginning at 1:30pm
League Coordinator - Fran Coffland
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