Northern New Jersey Chapter


Events Volunteers - 9 & 18 hole event

Event Coordinator

Oversees and manages procurement of event venue and activities.  Submits final payment on day of event.  Awards prizes at the end of the event.

On-line Registrar

Uses Excel spreadsheet to record attendees, and other pertinent information for the event.  Keeps Webmaster updated with enrollment.  Keeps Event Coordinator updated and provides a final list of attendees for Event Coordinator and On-Site Reception.  Organizes 4somes and tee times.  Provides copies to Coordinator and golf course.

On-Site Reception (2)

Greets participants and checks off reception sheet.  Gives goody bags. (Provides nametags.)


Provide list of Events & Activities for the upcoming year; membership; et al.


Records summary of event and activities; adds interesting stories.  Submits for web library.

Photographer (2)

Records photo and video of event.  Submits for web library.

Goody Bags (2)

Prepares and delivers goody bags to event.

Ticket Sales (Drawings, 50/50)

Responsible for ticket sales and money collection of tickets.  Turns over proceeds to an Event Coordinator.


League Volunteers

League Coordinator

Oversees and manages league and activities.  Coordinates foursomes. Welcomes all new league players.   Awards prizes at the end of the event. Maintains sign in sheet including alternates. Determining foursomes - attempt to mix up groups each week. Understands local golf rules. Keeps pace of play. Understands How to keep a handicap and the purpose of keeping a handicap. Communicates to all league players on inclement death. May coordinate social events. 


A mentor is an experienced, but not necessarily good golfer who guides a new golfer on pace of play, basic rules and proper etiquette on and off the golf course. Also, a mentor may guide the new member on how to participate in other LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  events.