Event Volunteers - 9 & 18 Hole Events

Event Coordinator: 
Oversees and manages procurement of event venue and activities.  Submits final payment on day of event.  Awards prizes at the end of the event.

On-line Registrar:  
Uses Excel spreadsheet to record attendees, and other pertinent information for the event.  Keeps Webmaster updated with enrollment.  Keeps Event Coordinator updated and provides a final list of attendees for Event Coordinator and On-Site Reception.  Organizes 4somes and tee times.  Provides copies to Coordinator and golf course.

On-Site Reception (2):
Greets participants and checks off reception sheet.  Gives goody bags. (Provides name tags.)

Provide list of Events & Activities for the upcoming year; membership; et al.

Records summary of event and activities; adds interesting stories.  Submits for Chapter Web Library, Chapter Website and Chapter Social Media Posts.

Photographer (2):  
Records photo and video of event.  Submits for Chapter Web Library, Chapter Website and Chapter Social Media Posts.

Goody Bags (2): 
Prepares and delivers goody bags to event.

Ticket Sales (Drawings, 50/50):
Responsible for ticket sales and money collection of tickets.  Turns over proceeds to an Event Coordinator.


League Volunteers

League Coordinator:
Oversees and manages league and activities.  Coordinates foursomes. Welcomes all new league players.   Awards prizes at the end of the event. Maintains sign in sheet including alternates. Determining foursomes - attempt to mix up groups each week. Understands local golf rules. Keeps pace of play. Understands How to keep a handicap and the purpose of keeping a handicap. Communicates to all league players on inclement death. May coordinate social events. 

A mentor is an experienced, but not necessarily good golfer who guides a new golfer on pace of play, basic rules and proper etiquette on and off the golf course. Also, a mentor may guide the new member on how to participate in other LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  events.