Northern New Jersey Chapter

Register for your Handicap

Spring is around the corner and that means golf season is coming. Among other things maybe it’s time to get a handicap. A handicap is one way to keep track of your progress, and there might be an event you want to play in that requires a handicap.

There are two ways to get a handicap: GolfNet and GHIN

GolfNet is the service offered through the LPGA Amateurs and comes with your membership and will be available for one more year.

To obtain a handicap through GolfNet, contact Sue Stager at and she can activate your account.

GHIN is offered through the chapter and is registered with the NJSGA for a cost of $28. Having GHIN with the NJSGA will make you eligible for state tournaments. You can post your score from your cell phone using the GHIN app.

To obtain or renew a handicap through GHIN you need to pay the $28 fee by Registering and then your account will be activated.  

For those of you who have used the GHIN app in the past you will need to download the new app.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Sue Stager, Handicap Chair at

The World Handicap System (WHS) has gone into effect 

Both GHIN and GolfNet have been updated with the new math, and there are new screens.

There are now a single set of handicapping rules that apply worldwide.

Here are the main features of the new rules:

  1. It only takes 3 eighteen hole scores to obtain a handicap. Any combination of nines and eighteen are acceptable
  2. The index will be calculated using the average of the lowest 8 out of the last 20
  3. The Maximum Hole Score is now double bogey plus the strokes received on the hole
  4. If you don’t have a handicap, yet, the maximum hole score is par plus 5
  5. Scores should be entered before midnight on the day the round was played (see note)

Note: They are asking for scores to be posted on the day played, because if there are extreme weather conditions, there may be an adjustment made to a player’s score. It is done by the computer and applies to all scores on that day. It can’t be applied if a score is entered later than the same day.