With an eye towards recruiting volunteers for terms that will begin in 2023, our hope is to identify members who are interested in volunteering early in the season to give us an opportunity to mentor them in a "job shadowing" approach for the board position in which they may be interested. To that end, we take this opportunity to introduce our current Directors along with a brief summary of the roles they play.


Natalie Laforet has served in the role of President since 2017, and prior to that was Rules and Handicap Chair.  As president for our Chapter, she is responsible for convening and presiding at monthly Chapter board meetings, has purview over all board positions, represents the Chapter generally in a leadership role and, as President, also serves as our Chapter delegate to the LPGA Amateurs - Canada Board.  Natalie will be retiring from her position as President at the end of 2022 and will become our Past President.

League Chair

Dora Lomax has served as a board member since 2016 and previously held the role of Special Events Chair.  In retirement, Dora has been able to dedicate her newly found free time to establishing our Association in the golf community in her role as League Director.  Dora is the driving force behind the scheduling of our Monday Night Nine & Dine events and our mid-week rounds, that we play at the various area courses.  Dora is our "Golf Genius" and is responsible for managing the scheduling program utilized by LPGA Amateurs.  Dora may be retiring from the board soon and eager to mentor her replacement.


LeahAnn Duffield has served as Secretary since 2019.  She is responsible for taking and distributing meeting minutes, collecting agenda topics and preparing monthly board meeting agendas and completing any action items assigned to her in the monthly meetings.  The Secretary generally assists with various administrative tasks as required by the Board.


Donna Chun has served as Treasurer since 2017.  She is responsible for managing all finances for the Chapter, including the preparation of Chapter financial reports, and for presenting the financials to the board and membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer also liaises with Membership Chair to verify membership renewals.  Donna's background in the financial industry made her an ideal candidate for the role of Treasurer.  Donna will be retiring from her position as Treasurer at the end of 2022.

Handicap Chair

Dale Skvereckas (pronounced just like it's spelled Sk-ver-eh-kas) joined the board in 2020, initially as a 'Member at Large', and then transitioned to the role of Handicap Director.  To prepare for her role, Dale took the mandatory Golf Canada Introduction to Handicapping course.  Dale is responsible for representing our Chapter at regular Handicap Committee Meetings, and is responsible for monitoring our Chapter members' handicap registrations and scoring.


Deb Kucheran has been in the role of Communications Director since 2018.  Deb played an integral part in the Communications transition for our Chapter when the Association changed from EWGA to LPGA Amateurs.  Her role now involves maintaining website content, preparing and sending out monthly newsletters (Mailchimp), using Easil for creating social media posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and communicating information from the Ontario Events Committee to our members. Deb also serves as our chapter delegate on the Ontario Events Committee.


Deb Kucheran has been holding the dual role of Communications and Membership Directors since the fall of 2020.  The Membership Director is responsible for marketing our Chapter in the community, assisting current members with questions, assist in the recruiting of new members and the retention of existing members. Deb plans to transition out of this role in 2023.

Please contact us if interested in shadowing one of these roles with the plan to assume one of these roles.