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Feb 12, 2019, 13:02 PM
Chapter Full Name : San Diego
State : CA
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LPGA Amateurs Memberships

Our Golf Schedule Can Be Viewed
at this link (subject to change): 2020 Calendar


Membership Kick-off - Rancho Bernardo Inn

Maderas Golf Club

Cal Cup - Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan

CTTP Extravaganza - Reidy Creek
May 3

LPGA Amateurs Scramble Open - Pinehurst

Eclectic - St. Mark Golf Course
May 16 & 31,  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Chapter Championship - Steel Canyon Golf Club (venue change!)
June 27-28,  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Aloha Event - Encinitas Ranch Golf Course
August 23


SAN DIEGO PLAYER CARD                                                                                                                                                                                               

Players CardEarn stickers on your card by playing, volunteering, referring new members and more! Earn 14 stickers on your card by playing in events, volunteering to captain an event, or working on a standing committee or special event and you can redeem it for a free round of golf at one of our events, up to $50. You get the most out of being a member of our chapter when you are involved, so step up to the "tee" and fill those cards. With your help and participation it's going to be a great season! 

Our chapter runs on volunteers. We encourage all members to volunteer, because it takes a lot of people to keep our chapter operating. You can volunteer as much or as little as you want.  You can volunteer as a board member, captain an event, serve on a committee, or help with one of our big events.   For more information, please reach out to any of our board members for current volunteer opportunities. 

Current Chapter Board Members:



VolunteerOur chapter is a volunteer run organization, so we encourage everyone to help out. There are endless volunteer opportunities available, including serving as a board member, organizing events, serving on a committee, or helping with big events, like the Membership Kick-Off, Local Chapter Championship, or Holiday Party. 

If you can't make an on-going commitment to volunteer right now, you can still take advantage of the many ad-hoc opportunities to help, so our chapter continues to thrive. It's a great opportunity to meet other members and give back to our chapter! For more information, please reach out to any of our board members about volunteer opportunities and learn more about the benefits below.

Helping others is the way to Higher Individual Well Being”1

There are many benefits to volunteering. Here are some thoughts to ponder …

1)  It is a chance to meet people outside your life patterns.  You can make new friends and contacts and increase your social and relationship skills.

2) Volunteering is enriching for your mind and body.  When you perform good deeds for others and the community, it provides a natural sense of accomplishment and boosts your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction.

3)  An opportunity to can advance your career.  You can learn valuable job skills if you want to change or explore an area of interest.  If you want to learn accounting, be or help the Finance & Records Director.  If you want to learn marketing, be or help the Marketing & Sponsorship Director.  If you want to do Event Planning, be or help the Events & Activities Director. Check out some opportunities by seeing our list of Directors and their positions.

4)  It can be fun and fulfilling to your life.  Volunteering is a fun and easy way to explore your interests and passion.

1MEIER, S. and STUTZER, A. (2008), Is Volunteering Rewarding in Itself?. Economica, 75: 39–59. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0335.2007.00597.

Guest Release Form

Cal Cup 2020 Qualifying Process

June 2nd, 2019

  1. Qualifiers: Have 6 qualifying Match Play events for Cal Cup 2020
    1. Kick off at Arrowood on July 21st
    2. Virtual Round August/September
    3. In person round October 20th Course TBD
    4. Virtual Round Nov/December
    5. Virtual Round January
    6. Final in person round early February 2020 at Sycuan
  2. Rules:All qualifying events would need to be played using Match Play rules, although participants will be allowed to ‘finish the round’ after their match concludes
    1. If playing Matchplay, these players will NOT participate in the other game of the day or Virtual League in order to ensure players follow Matchplay rules and scoring
  3. Requirements: to play qualifiers
    1. must have a verifiable handicap
    2. must have played in a minimum of 3 LPGA Amateurs events during the past 12 rolling months before each qualifier
    3. must be signed up as a ‘willing participant’ to attend the 2020 CalCup (April 25/26) at Sycuan
  4. Points allocation: At each of the 6 events:
    1. Win = 4 points, Tie = 2 points, Participation/Loss = 1 point
    2. Tie breakers / placement of names in the ranked list will be based on quality of wins which will give more credit to wins/ties than the participation points
  5. Pairings Procedure:Once we have the list of participants for the season, we will identify current indices (using the July 1st revision as a starting point) and rank the group in ascending order.All players will play the participant whose handicap most closely matches their own who is also attending the event and the two players have not previously been matched together.
    *At the July 21st Arrowood round only, we may also control that the players on each of the four LPGA Cup teams are playing against members from other teams.
  6. Leadership :to ensure continuity and refresh the captain role from year to year
    1. Beth Davidson will continue to be the Captain for the 2020 season
    2. Captains should serve a 1 year term, with their pick of Assistant Captain taking the role in the following year
    3. Stacey Hayashi will be Assistant Captain in 2020, and then roll-over to Captain in 2021
    4. Both Captain and Assistant Captain will have secured spots on the team, with the Assistant Captain gaining a spot for the following year
    5. Both Captain and Assistant Captain will participate in the qualifiers as active members of the team.In the event of odd numbers, these players will be the first ones to play guests or circulate on the course for coaching
    6. The captains will be responsible for
      1. Planning and executing the qualifiers
      2. Working with the CalCup team to register and disseminate information to players
      3. Provide coaching and advice
      4. Communicate standings as soon as possible
      5. Set up practices once the team has been announced in early February
      6. Coordinate admin such as travel logistics, uniforms, etc
  7. Alternates:There will be declared alternate spots, (based on the point system) in case any team member needs to cancel, with the Captain going down the ranked list in order
  8. Timing:
    1. June 1:Kick off of 2020 Season
    2. July 21st – 1st Event
    3. Oct 20th – 2nd Live event
    4. Feb 2nd TBD – Final Event At Sycuan – Team Announced
    5. Late Feb – 1st partner practice – 9 holes better ball / 9 holes alternate shot
    6. Early March – Practice round against OC
    7. Late March – Practice singles at Sycuan (against who???)
    8. Early April - Practice singles at Sycuan (against who???)
    9. April 25/26 Cal Cup 2020


Our Entire Golf Schedule Can Be Viewed
at this link: 2020 Calendar

Upcoming events:     

Membership Kick-off - Rancho Bernardo Inn

Maderas Golf Club

Cal Cup - Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan

CTTP Extravaganza - Reidy Creek
May 3

LPGA Amateurs Scramble Open - Pinehurst

Eclectic - St. Mark Golf Course
May 16 & 31,  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Chapter Championship - Steel Canyon Golf Club (venue change!)
June 27-28,  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Aloha Event - Encinitas Ranch Golf Course
August 23
The Redesigned Virtual League
is "Teed Up" and Ready for Registration
Join the Season-long Fun Competition!

Entry Fee - $20 for the whole year

  Stroke play. Players will be ranked by total NET score for each event played. The top 20 golfers for the event will earn points in descending order, i.e. best NET earns 20 pts, next gets 19, etc. All points earned in qualifying rounds will be tracked during the season. Points earned for the top 5 events will be used to determine player ranking on a rolling basis. 

Flights:  The Virtual League will not be flighted. Using NET score, (total gross score less the course handicap), will level the playing field and allow players of widely varying levels of talent to compete against one another. The new World Handicap System reflects a player's current playing ability in a timely manner as Handicap Indices are updated after each round posted.  

Qualifying Events: All stroke play events after joining the Virtual League through November 30. No short courses, scrambles or other odd formats will qualify. If you played Bernardo Heights Country Club and/or Pelican Hill, both course scores will be included by signing up by February 29th.

Winners:  Prizes will be awarded for the top 10 players, maybe more, based on the number of participants.

Click Here to Register

All participants must have a handicap index. You must play at least 5 qualifying events.

See the entire Virtual League Description/Rules and Sample Payout here: Virtual League 2020


The Chapter Championship is coming around the corner.  You have taken lessons, practiced on the range, worked on chipping and putting. Let's add one other item on your tournament preparation.  LEARN THE RULES.

Want to know how to gain more confidence and save some strokes?  Learn the Rules of Golf. There will come a time in a round where the knowledge of rules will help you know to play a water hazard, out of bounds, drop a ball or know when to take relief. Improve your game on a different level.

LPGA Amateurs is here to help.  Use the following website to learn about rules, answer questions, read examples, watch videos, take quizzes, etc...

New 2020 World Handicap System - Effective Jan 2020 (pdf)
New 2019 Rules - LPGA Amateurs Rules highlight (pdf)
New 2019 Rules - USGA Videos
USGA Rules Hub


Process & Requirements
Updated January 17, 2019

 The Most Improved Player Program awards our players who achieve the best handicap index improvement during the year.  Prizes are awarded at the annual holiday party.


    1. Must be a member of the club from January of the year of the award through the cut off (typically) November 30th
    2. Must have attended at least 6 LPGA Amateurs events offered through the local chapter within the year
    3. Must have a verifiable handicap index, both on the starting revision date Jan 1 and the end revision date (typically) November 30th
  • Process
    1. Four natural flights based on the handicap indices of the final revision date
      (i.e. if 80 people are eligible according to the requirements, we would have four flights of approximately 20 players each)
    2. Most improved handicap index is calculated using the traditional equation of (Beginning handicap +12) / (End handicap +12) = Improvement Factor
    3. Prizes will be given out as follows:
      1. $25 gift card for most improved player per flight
      2. One $50 gift card for most improved overall 
        (note that overall winner does NOT also win their flight. In that case, the second best improved player wins the flight)


Unlike many sports, golf is for the most part played without the supervision of a referee, umpire or coach. The game relies on the individual golfer to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. New golfers are often in need of advice about customary behavior and practices to follow on course so that play proceeds safely and without delay. Here are 10 tips to help all players get the maximum enjoyment from the game.

The Spirit of the Game
Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.

Players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like when they make a stroke or practice swing.

Players should not play until the players in front are out of range.

Players should always alert greenstaff nearby or ahead when they are about to make a stroke that might endanger them.

If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, he should immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such a situation is "fore."

Consideration for Other Players
No Disturbance or Distraction
Players should always show consideration for other players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking or making any unnecessary noise.

Players should ensure that any electronic device taken onto the course does not distract other players. On the teeing ground, a player should not tee his ball until it is his turn to play.

Players should not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when a player is about to play.

On the Putting Green
On the putting green, players should not stand on another player's line of putt or when he is making a stroke, cast a shadow over his line of putt.

Players should remain on or close to the putting green until all other players in the group have holed out.

In stroke play, a player who is acting as a marker should, if necessary, on the way to the next tee, check the score with the player concerned and record it.

Pace of Play
Play at Good Pace and Keep Up
Players should play at a good pace. The Committee may establish pace of play guidelines that all players should follow.

It is a group's responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If it loses a clear hole and it is delaying the group behind, it should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group.

Be Ready to Play
Players should be ready to play as soon as it is their turn to play. When playing on or near the putting green, they should leave their bags or carts in such a position as will enable quick movement off the green and towards the next tee. When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.

Lost Ball
If a player believes his ball may be lost outside a water hazard or is out of bounds, to save time, he should play a provisional ball.

Players searching for a ball should signal the players in the group behind them to play through as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.

They should not search for three minutes before doing so. Having allowed the group behind to play through, they should not continue play until that group has passed and is out of range.

Priority on the Course
Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, priority on the course is determined by a group's pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round.

Care of the Course


Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by them and any nearby made by others. If a rake is within reasonable proximity of the bunker, the rake should be used for this purpose.

Repair of Divots, Ball-Marks and Damage by Shoes
Players should carefully repair any divot holes made by them and any damage to the putting green made by the impact of a ball (whether or not made by the player himself). On completion of the hole by all players in the group, damage to the putting green caused by golf shoes should be repaired.

Preventing Unnecessary Damage
Players should avoid causing damage to the course by removing divots when taking practice swings or by hitting the head of a club into the ground, whether in anger or for any other reason.

Players should ensure that no damage is done to the putting green when putting down bags or the flagstick.

In order to avoid damaging the hole, players and caddies should not stand too close to the hole and should take care during the handling of the flagstick and the removal of a ball from the hole. The head of a club should not be used to remove a ball from the hole.

Players should not lean on their clubs when on the putting green, particularly when removing the ball from the hole.

The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before players leave the putting green.

Local notices regulating the movement of golf carts should be strictly observed.

Conclusion; Penalties for Breach

If players follow the guidelines in this Section, it will make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

If a player consistently disregards these guidelines during a round or over a period of time to the detriment of others, it is recommended that the Committee consider taking appropriate disciplinary action against the offending player. Such action may, for example, include prohibiting play for a limited time on the course or in a certain number of competitions. This is considered to be justifiable in terms of protecting the interest of the majority of golfers who wish to play in accordance with these guidelines.

Taken from:


What are the benefits of being an LPGA Amateur Golf Association San Diego sponsor?

There are dozens of good reasons to sponsor LPGA Amateurs San Diego. Here are some that might be most important to you:
  • Increase the visibility of your company through the activities of LPGA Amateurs San Diego- golf and social events.
  • Grow your customer base by meeting potential customers who may not know about your product or service
  • Generate new business-to-business revenue through partnerships with other sponsors.
  • Create relationships with long term value
  • Gain a network of customers and business partners
  • A sponsorship can help you become better known in the marketplace; create a new niche for your business; build customer loyalty; become more connected with your community. 
All these things lead to increased revenue for your business.

Please contact our Marketing and Sponsorship Director for more information and application.




Singing Hills at Sycuan STAY & PLAY



Enjoy accommodations in a deluxe room with golf course view and unlimited golf on any of our three 18-hole courses. Tee times may be made for either your arrival or departure day! Package price is for two guests in one deluxe room, unlimited golf for two for one day – including golf car.

$209/night (Sunday thru Thursday)
$299/night (Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays)
Free parking and NO resort fees!

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As a member of LPGA Amateur Golf Association San Diego, we are eligible to participate in the Mt. Woodson Players Club by showing our LPGA Amateurs membership card at the pro shop! ($29 annual value)

The Mt. Woodson Players Club is designed to make golf more affordable and reward our loyal customers.

  • Save an average of  $6.00 to $30.00 per round on regular 18 hole green fee weekdays and weekends - prices include cart fees.

  • 3 guest passes  (guests got the players club rates)

  • One hour early twilight rate

  • 14-day advance reservations

  • 10% merchandise discount (not valid on sale items or golf balls)

*Rates and Packages and courses subject to change
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Pro Kids / First Tee

The LPGA Amateurs San Diego Chapter would like to hear from you. Please email any questions or comments to one of the following board members. (Click on a name to be directed to their email address.) They will respond to you in a timely manner. 

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San Diego, CA 92150-3641

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