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Feb 12, 2019, 16:33 PM
Chapter Full Name : Portland
State : OR
Facebook Url : https://www.facebook.com/LPGAPAmateursPDX/
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Our program schedule has ended for the year. We're working to organize informal off-season golf and social meet-ups, so watch this space--and your inbox--for announcements.

Portland Chapter

Like all LPGA Amateur chapters, here in Portland we welcome women of all skill levels, including those new to the game—offering a varied schedule of weeknight league play, weekend recreational outings, tournaments, instructional clinics, social and networking events. Members choose to participate according to their individual interests and schedules.

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If you're not yet a member and would like to learn more about why we're Portland's premier women's golf clubemail us today. 


Volunteer Pitch In! Make the most of your LPGA Ams membership experience by volunteering. It's the best way to meet other members, get to know how we operate, and contribute to our Chapter's reputation as Portland's premier women's golf club. 

Don't delay! Opportunities are available now and some committees begin working in Nov/Dec...Read more 

Like all LPGA Amateur chapters, ours runs entirely on volunteer power - members willing to commit their time and talents serving on our board and/or committees to create a membership experience we can all enjoy, year after year. If you're a member, you can volunteer! It's a great way to get involved, make friends and make a difference for our chapter.

We're pleased to introduce our Board of Directors and other chapter leaders for 2019. The board term runs Nov 1-Oct 31, and board meetings are the first Tuesday of each month (Jan-Oct). To learn more about how you can get involved or to make suggestions or comments, email one of the leaders below or info@lpgaamateursportland.com.

Susan Weiner Donna Gray  Leslie Riester 
Susan Weiner
Finance & Records Director
Donna Gray
Golf Events Director
Leslie Riester
 Judith Sachs  Linda Erickson  Cheryl McGinnis
 Membership Director
Judith Sachs
 Member Services Director
Linda Erickson
Golf Programs Director
Cheryl McGinnis
 Gale Wallmark   Bracken1     
Marketing Director
Gale Wallmark
  Board Secretary
Barbara Darling Bracken 

 Other Chapter Leaders

Dennis   Jeanne Biggerstaff   Cheryl McGinnis 
Assistant Director-Golf Events
Linda Dennis
   Handicap Chair
Jeanne Biggerstaff
  Leagues Chair
Cheryl McGinnis
 Bonnie LaFord   Suzie Off     
  Education Chair
Bonnie LaFord
   Match Play Chair
Suzy Off

Make the most of your LPGA Ams membership experience by pitching in! It's the best way to meet other members, get to know how we operate, and contribute to our Chapter's reputation as Portland's premier women's golf club. 

Opportunities are available now and some committees begin working in Nov/Dec.

Golf Events Committee: Collaborate to develop and execute the Chapter’s schedule of weekend/Monday golf outings. Individual members are asked to select one or more events to manage—handling contracts and arrangements (tee times, F&B, etc.) with the golf course facilities, providing event information to Chapter Marketing for promotion, overseeing registrations, managing participant rosters and “hosting” the outing. Golf Programs/League Managers. Manage weekly league play at one of our league courses during the golf season (months vary by location), including securing adequate number of tee times based on monthly registrations, communicating with league members and subs, tracking and reporting participation counts. League Managers may work individually or in teams of two. Positions are currently open at Glendoveer, King City and The Reserve.
Golf Programs/Asst Director-Leagues. Responsible for securing league agreements with selected golf courses (currently 9) for the new season and assisting League Managers with monthly reporting. Facility agreements outline all details of league play, including dates, tee times, rain/heat check arrangements; benefits/discounts offered by the course, food & beverage (as needed), key facility contacts, etc. 
Education Committee: Collaborate to develop and execute the Chapter’s schedule of Education events (skills clinics, learning activities, seminars, etc). Individual members are asked to select one or more events to manage—contracts/arrangements with providers and/or facilities, providing event information to Chapter Marketing for promotion, overseeing registrations, managing participant rosters and “hosting the event. Membership/Kickoff Committee: Collaborate to develop all aspects of our 2020 "season opener." Committee members select a location, develop the program agenda (theme,content, speaker, menu, gifts & prizes, etc.) and arrange golf. 

Guest Policy

Non-members may participate as ‘guests’ in up to two Chapter golf/education events or league dates prior to joining LPGA Amateurs. Guests are assumed to be prospective members and their participation is intended to introduce them to the membership experience. Multi-day events such as Getaway Weekends are considered one event.

Procedure: Guests must register (or be registered by a member) and pay stated event/league drop-in fee prior to stated deadline.

General Fee Policy

Registration fees for Chapter Events, Leagues, Clinics, etc. are based on contract pricing negotiated with a golf course/facility, plus a small upcharge to cover payment processing and admin costs. The Chapter makes every effort to keep participation fees as low as possible and does not set fees to make a profit.

Members and guests must pay published participation fees regardless of any special status/rates they may be eligible for at a given golf course.

Missed Deadline Policy

Post-deadline registrations are strongly discouraged but may be possible on a case-by-case basis—at the discretion of the Event/League Manager and/or Finance Director.


  • Requests to register after the deadline must be submitted to the respective Event/League Manager (name and contact info are posted on the respective Event/League webpage), who will, in turn, notify the Finance Director.
  • Post-deadline registrations may need to be processed manually and paid by check, as determined by the Finance Director.

No-Show Policy

A registered, paid participant who fails to show up for their assigned tee time is ineligible for any reimbursement and may not request a refund from the Chapter. A no-show situation could be avoided if the participant finds and confirms a Substitute player.

Substitute Policy

Members who have registered/paid for an Event or League but find themselves unable to participate may find a substitute to take their place.


  • A paid participant must confirm her substitute (as far in advance as possible) with the Event/League Manager (name and contact info are posted on the respective Event/League webpage).
Reimbursement to the paid participant, if any, will be paid by the substitute player, as negotiated between the two of them. The Chapter will not collect a fee from the substitute and will not refund payment to the original participant.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Event/League registration fees will be refunded—less credit card processing fees—to members or guests who request a refund prior to the event cancellation deadline. Refund requests submitted on or after the deadline due to ‘exceptional’ circumstances (injury, illness, death in the family, etc.) will be considered and resolved on a case-by-case basis.


  • Refund requests must be submitted to the respective Event/League Manager (name and contact info are posted on the respective Event/League webpage), who will forward it to the Finance Director (with a recommendation) for processing.

Weather Policy

Chapter Events/Leagues/Clinics may be canceled (or halted) due to unsafe weather or course conditions. Such cancellations are made jointly by the Chapter Manager and the golf course staff.


  • Depending on the cause & timing of the cancelation, paid participants will receive full or partial refunds or ‘rain/heat’ checks based on terms negotiated in advance between the Chapter and the facility. Paid participants will be notified about the resolution by the Event/League Manager as quickly as possible.
  • Refunds for weather cancelations will not include administrative fees.
  • Paid participants should not contact the facility/pro shop regarding refunds or rain/heat checks. Any/all questions should be directed to the Event/League Manager .
  • As they are issued by the facility, rain/heat checks may not be used to “pay” for future League or Event registrations. They may—at the discretion of the League Manager—be used for drop-in league play.

League Drop-In Policy

Members wishing to play a League date for which they are not pre-registered/paid (i.e. ‘drop in’) may do so only with advance permission from the League Manager .


  • Request permission to drop in from the League Manager (name and contact info are posted on the respective League webpage) at least 48 hours prior to the desired league date. Requests will be subject to openings, if any, on the player roster.
  • With permission to play confirmed, a check (payable to LPGA Amateurs Portland) for the League greens fee plus a $5 drop-in charge, must be given to the League Manager prior to teeing off. (The $5 drop-in upcharge is waived for Chapter Board Members.)

Charity Policy

The Chapter will focus its charitable financial and/or promotional support on organizations and initiatives that serve to grow and enhance the game of golf for women and girls, as well as those working to advance women’s health and welfare. Examples of the former include those aligned with HQ goals such as LPGA*USGA Girls Golf and The First Tee, as well as junior and scholastic golf programs for girls, Women’s Golf Day, and others. Examples of the latter include breast health causes such as Play for Pink and Breast Friends, which the Chapter has supported in recent years.


  • Members may propose Chapter support for charitable organizations, initiatives, events, etc. that are “in scope” of our Policy by contacting a board member and providing all pertinent information (cause, cost, date, location, etc.) at least two months prior to decision deadline. Proposals will be discussed and decided at the first monthly board meeting following submission.
Our 2019 event schedule has ended. Watch this space for informal off-season golf and meet-ups. 


League Play was offered at these courses for the 2019 season. Others may be added in 2020. Watch for announcements and a complete listing early next year.

Members are able to register for each league by month and to select any two or more play dates a month. Most leagues are nine holes with late afternoon start times. The exception is Charbonneau, where players can select to play 18 holes (2 p.m. start) or nine holes (3:30 p.m. start). ***Please take a minute to view these "Seven Steps to Register for League Play."

Charbonneau Logo    Charbonneau GC
Thursdays, May-Sep
18 holes: 2 p.m. start
9 holes: 3:30 p.m. start
Michelle Davidson
KT Todaro
  Reg opens Apr 2020

Eastmoreland-Logo   Eastmoreland GC
Wednesdays, Jun-Aug, 5:30 p.m. start
Jackie Kleinstub
Lily Ravencraft
  Reg opens Apr 2020
Glendover Logo   Glendoveer GC
Mondays, May-Aug
9 holes, 5:20 p.m. start
Donna Gray
  Reg opens Apr 2020
Heron Lakes   Heron Lakes GC
Tuesdays, May-Aug
9 holes, 5:21 p.m. start
Ann Chapman
Tami Bringman
  Reg opens Apr 2020
 king-city   NEW in 2020!
King City GC
Mondays, months TBD
9 holes, morning tee time TBD
Pat Grennan
  Reg opens Apr 2020
Lake Oswego   Lake Oswego GC
Tuesdays, May-Aug
9 holes, 6 p.m. start
MaryAnn Robinson
Jan Green
   Reg opens Apr 2020
 MeriwetherLogo_NatGolfClub   Meriwether National GC
9 holes, 5:30 p.m. start
Judith Sachs
April Okazaki
  Reg opens Apr 2020
Redtail Logo   Redtail GC
Mondays, Jun-Sep
9 holes, 5 p.m. start
Sheila Close
Veronica Gonzales
  Reg opens Apr 2020
Reserve Logo    The Reserve GC
Thu/Wed, Jun-Aug
9 holes, 5 p.m. start
  Reg opens Apr 2020

Our 2019 Education programming has concluded. If you have ideas for future Education clinics, activities or events, please use our online Suggestion Box to share them with Chapter leaders.

Questions? Contact Education Chair Bonnie LaFord at education@lpgaamateursportland.com.

 Support from these sponsors enhances the local LPGA Amateurs membership experience for us all by helping us defray participation costs and enabling us to include "extras"  and special offers to members. Click on their logos to visit their sites. And please consider patronizing their businesses and thanking them for their important support. 

To learn more about becoming a sponsor view/download our 2019 Sponsorship Program options or contact us at sponsorship@lpgaamateursportland.com.



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