We're Heading to the Championship Finals! Ten Tucson Chapter members will be competing at the LPGA Amateurs Championship Finals October 11-12.

  • 1st Place Low Gross, Third Flight: Jacki McCue
  • 1st Place Low Gross, Fourth Flight: Sheila Woolsey
  • 1st Place, Scramble Team: Captain Barb Ericks, Galen Grant, Brenda Loyd, Teri Ditsch
  • 2nd Place, Scramble Team: Captain Linda Hartsig, Kathie Coil, Caren Bidegain, Janet Baker

Good Luck, Ladies!!

Congrats to the 2020 Tucson Chapter Board of Directors The votes are in and here are the results. Please welcome your 2020 Board of Directors as they take the office in November:

  •  President-Kathy Chavez
  • Finance & Records Director-Donna Shaw
  • Golf & Events Director-Barbara Ericks
  • Member Recruitment Director-Elizabeth West
  • Member Services Director-Theresa Riel
  • Marketing & Communications Director-Terry Ditsch

Thanks to PGA Superstore
for hosting us for a member shopping event on Thursday, September 19.  Robert gave us a short putting clinic, Terri Ditsch broke most glass panes on the simulator, we all got gift cards, shopped and had fun. Thank you, Robert Taylor.

Welcome New Members 
2019 has been a great member recruiting year. Please welcome the following new members and invite them to join you for a round of golf: 

  • August: Donna Drumheller
  • July: Terri Boswell
  • May:  Jill Taylor, Carolyn Homa, Jenny Roberts, Linda Semenyna
  • April:  Sandra Murray, Monique Mayer,
  • March: Angela De La Fuente, Emily Jo Bronemann, Kit Stephens
  • January: Beth Leroux, Liz Long, Joanne Noonan, Darci Reutzel

    Members and guests enjoying happy hour at North al fresco.

GHIN Handicap ServiceHandicap service through AGA just got easier. Our chapter is now set up to allow online registration for new members. Register here and click on Join. Our handicap chair will then confirm your registration. For questions contact our Handicap Chair, Sandi Rabrich at srabrich@gmail.com