LPGA Amateurs encourages our members to establish a handicap index. A handicap index is a number used to represent your potential scoring ability. It allows you to track improvement in your game, participate in many of our competitive events and compete with golfers of any skill level on an even playing field.

We encourage our members to establish and maintain a handicap index using GHIN. GHIN is managed by the Arizona Golf Association. LPGA Amateurs Tucson Chapter is a member club of the Arizona Golf Association, but you also join as an individual member, affiliated with LPGA Amateurs Tucson. Benefits include an official USGA handicap index, competitive championships, member discounts at Arizona golf courses, competitive and social golf events, a mobile app to post scores and more. Many of our members hold their handicap index with AGA.

If you already belong to AGA through another league or club and you don’t hold a handicap through LPGA Amateurs Tucson, it’s easy to add.  Just go to AGA/Join Renew/Join a Club/Search/LPGA Amateurs Tucson.  Have your GHIN number handy.  The charge is $15 to add a second club.

For more information, see https://www.azgolf.org/  To join AGA contact Handicap Chair Sandi Rabrich at srabrich@gmail.com


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