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  • We are back up and running tee time events, including our two-day Chapter Championship on June 27/28th. We're so happy to welcome our members back to the course and do what we all love. While practicing the necessary safety precautions, it's been nice to see our members catch up with each other on the golf course. Be sure to check our list of chapter events so you can join us at an upcoming tee time!
  • Dear LPGA Amateurs San Diego Friends,
    I hope that this communication finds all of you healthy and safe!  The amount of information and change regarding the (COVID-19) Coronavinus that we have all seen in the last week has been mind-boggling and unnerving to say the least.  Your board of directors met last night (remotely) and discussed a variety of topics, but of course at the top of the list was our event schedule.  
    Considering the recommendations and orders received from authorities, we are postponing our two April chapter events, the April 5 Membership Kickoff at Rancho Bernardo Inn and the April 19 play day at Maderas.  Everyone who has registered and paid for these events will receive refunds shortly.  Since we have a full schedule in May and June, the Kickoff will likely be moved to July and the Maderas event to the fall.  You will get more definite information on this soon.
    We are looking into a variety of virtual and online activities that we can offer to keep everyone connected to each other to some degree.  This will include webinars, contests, quizzes and the like.  These activities will be fun, educational and will allow some lucky participants to win Player Card stickers! Again, you will hear more on this very soon.

    You should have received information on the following LPGA Amateurs HQ events from them, but here is a summary:
    • Cup Qualifiers:  delayed registration for all Cup Qualifiers until Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Will let us know if further postponement is needed.
    • Stableford Event:  postponed the Stableford event that was scheduled for April 17-18, 2020 and are looking into a new date.
    • Scramble Open: in discussions with Pinehurst Resort on how we proceed with the Scramble scheduled for May 22-23, 2020.  Next update to be Wednesday, April 1, 2020.
    It is interesting to note that the JC Resort local golf courses just issued an email today saying that "golf continues to be a safe outdoor activity that practices social distancing".  Those courses are remaining open (at least right now) and are offering tee times with some restrictions and safety requirements. 

    Your board of directors knows that this health crisis has had and may continue to have a profound effect on many of our LPGA Amateurs family, particularly for those of you whose job situation is adversely affected.  Hopefully most of you can work a normal schedule, many from home, and at least will not have to deal with a commute for a while!  This is also a good time to take care of those often put-off home projects, get caught up on those books and movies, play some online games, get into online exercise programs, and stay in close touch with family and friends.  We will stay in touch with you. Take care everyone!


    Cathy Wright, President
    On behalf of the Board
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  • Dear LPGA Amateurs San Diego Members,
    There is understandable anxiety about the COVID-19 Coronavirus that is receiving extensive news coverage. Information is changing hourly, it affects various types of events around the world as well as locally, and much is uncertain. Hopefully, this message will alleviate some questions and concerns.
    We are not experts in this field, so it is wise to listen to health officials who are monitoring local conditions. You may be aware that the San Diego County Department of Health recommends that smaller events continue only if event organizers can implement the social- distancing guidelines of six feet of separation between participants.  This is difficult to do when we ride in golf carts together and are in close proximity. Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our members at our golf events.
    Also, our LPGA Headquarters recently sent the board a communication recommending that we consider cancelling our events scheduled for the immediate future.
    With all this in mind we have made the tough decision to cancel our next event, Big Break/Pine Glen, on Sunday Mar 22.  Everyone registered will receive a refund. 
    Also, we made the decision Friday to cancel the Mar 14-15 Borrego Springs event, although several players decided to still go on their own and we hope they are having a very fun and safe time!
    Other events related to us that were recently cancelled include the March 21 Pro-Kids/First Tee Women's Tournament and the April 25-26 CAL Cup at Singing Hills.  The CAL Cup cancellation is particularly disappointing because of all the time and effort of players to qualify for the team. Hopefully it will be rescheduled.
    Over the next week or so we will reevaluate the situation and will keep you apprised if other cancellations become necessary. If you have concerns about attending any event you have signed up for, our standard cancellation policy is always in affect and can be found at this link.
    We urge you to familiarize yourself and frequently review the Center for Disease Control Corona Virus website for the latest information on what you can do to stay healthy and help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
    Lastly, the scammers are going strong out there.  Beware of fraudulent virus-related phishing emails, fake warnings and fake products.  It you receive or see something that seems a little strange to you, check it out independently before taking any action on it.
    It's a lot to take in! We recognize that this news may disappoint some players, but it is critical to take the long view, and more importantly, to safeguard the health of all members and those around them.  There are many more golf days ahead, and we intend to enjoy them together! 
  • On 1/1/20, new rules of golf handicapping will be introduced in the United States. Prior to 2020, the maximum score you could post on a hole varied based on your Course Handicap. Starting in 2020, the maximum score you can post on any hole is a NET DOUBLE BOGEY. In other words, the maximum post-able score for each hole is Double Bogey + any Handicap Strokes applied on that hole based on your Course Handicap. In order to post properly, you need to be aware of each hole's stroke index allocation (formerly referred to as handicap-stroke hole). This can be achieved by "popping" your scorecard.
    Your handicap index will update EACH DAY you golf rather than twice each month. You should post your scores immediately after completion of each round and no later than midnight of the day you played.  
    January 1 to January 5, all GHIN services will be unavailable as the USGA revamps the new GHIN platform to accommodate the World Handicap System. If you golf during that time, keep your scorecard and post with the correct dates when GHIN reactivates, scheduled for January 6. You can post or look up your Course Handicap via the GHIN mobile app;;; or 
    For more information about the World Handicap System go to or
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  • Congratulations to our 2019 Cal Cup Team, who finished the tournament  in 3rd Place with a whopping 9-1/2 points. Great job, ladies! Way to represent San Diego in this very challenging match play event, which was contested at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento. We're proud of you!

      CalCupTeam2019 CalCup2019Results

  • CHA CHA Champ 
    Congratulations! 2019 Chapter Champion
    Jen Levin