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  • Join us for our Final 2 Golf Outings
    Join us for our final 2 golf outings - Oct. 2 at Seaview and the season finale / Play for Pink on Oct. 16 at Bella Vista. Click HERE for more information.

  • Donations sought for chapter finale/Play for Pink

    On Sunday,  October 16, 2022, the LPGA Amateur Coastal League will participate in the Play for P.I.N.K. Fundraising Golf Event at Bella Vista Country Club in Marlboro, NJ. 

    Please click HERE for more information in the email which was sent to members on September 8.

  • Interesting Notes about Pace of Play

    Always be ready to play your shot when it's your turn.  (At the putting green, you should be watching the others for speed of ball, line, etc.  When it's your turn, you should only need a practice stroke--maybe two--then hit!)

    In a cart It is a shared responsibility. Drive to the player whose ball is farthest.   She will take the 1 or 2 clubs she may need to execute the shot.  Drop her off and drive to a safe spot (not in her line of ball flight/in front of her) near the other (cart) player's ball (and not disrupting the other players).  Get your club and be ready to play when it's your turn.  The other player will meet you at the cart.  Repeat.  Keep moving forward.

    Park the cart at the exit of the green, on the way to the next hole.  Record your score at the Tee area of the next hole.

    Searching for a ball?

    Play your ball before helping another look for hers.  (Tell her a reference of where it may lie.)  3 MINUTES MAX for searching.


    The extra few seconds every player takes add up.  If every player spends an extra 5 seconds per shot....Assume 4 shots per player...

    Do the math
    4 shots X 5  seconds = 20 seconds per player
    4 players X 20 seconds per hole = 1 minute 20 seconds
    18 holes X 1 minute 20 seconds = 26 minutes behind pace of play (4 hours 30 minutes maximum for a round)  
    There's the 5 hour round!
    Pace of Play is about being efficient with the time you and your group are budgeted for the round.

  • August Newsletter
    Click HERE to check out our August newsletter for the latest information on upcoming events, the election process and results from our prior events. We have also highlighted some accomplishments of our members.

  • Chapter Elections are Here - Call For Nominations / Election Process

    Chapter elections are here.

    Please help shape the future of our Chapter!


    Do you have a passion for golf? Do you wish to impact in the community? Are you or do you know a fellow member who would make a great leader? We need your help. We have many capable and willing members who have the skills, talent, and desire to lead our Chapter. This is your opportunity to make a positive difference, nominate yourself or someone else for a Chapter Leadership position.
    There are only three elected Board positions and we are establishing them in a staggered rotation which will prevent the entire Board not turning over in the same year. This year we will be electing the following:

    • President: 2-year term
    • Director for Finance: 2-year term
    • Director (role to be determined): 1-year term

    An overview of the duties of these positions can be found on our Google Drive and a nominating form can be accessed at may nominate yourself or someone else from the membership who you feel would be an asset to our leadership and foster the growth of our Chapter. Submit multiple nomination forms if you wish to nominate for more than one position. 

    Our mission is connecting women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and for fun. Being a Chapter leader or serving in a key capacity is a meaningful way to contribute to the Chapter decisions and operations and help carry out our mission. There are many proven benefits of volunteering (click here to read fifteen proven benefits of volunteering) for our group specifically it is a great way to build relationships while making a positive change. Please consider making a leadership commitment and complete and return the attached nomination form.


    Many of us joined the organization without knowing anyone in the organization. The friendships and connections we have made and the lives we have touched have been amazing rewards for such a minimal contribution. We hope you will join us in sharing that experience.

    Here’s our election timetable:

    • Nomination form return deadline: August 25, 2022
    • Ballot/slate of candidates sent to members: September 7, 2022
    • Ballot/slate of candidates return deadline: September 21, 2022
    • New Chapter Leadership installed: October 15, 2022


    The LPGA Amateurs has expectations of every chapter leader, clearly spelled out in the Chapter Leader and Confidentiality Agreement that you may wish to peruse.
    Each elected chapter Director accepts one or more leadership roles within the chapter.  A critical role for an elected director is that of Finance and one of our chapter’s elected directors will be required to fulfil that role.  Other leadership roles that an elected director could take on are:


    • Marketing
    • Communications
    • Events Coordination
    • League Coordination
    • Membership
    • Education


    These roles can also be filled by non-elected volunteer directors. Each Director nominated should indicate their interest in one or more of the roles that need to be filled.


     Questions? Contact Janet Shambaugh at 

  • What’s Happening in July
    Check out our July newsletter by clicking HERE.

  • 2022 Nor'Easter Registration Details

    Registration opens for the 2022 Nor'Easter on July 8 at 8 p.m. This year's event takes place on Monday, August 15 at Bethpage Green on Long Island.

    The Nor'easter Classic is an 18-hole scramble golf tournament with four person teams held by the LPGA Amateur chapters of New York City, Westchester, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Central Jersey, Coastal New Jersey, Fairfield, and Central Connecticut. The tournament is open to members in good standing of one of the eight participating LPGA Amateur chapters with a verifiable USGA Handicap Index.

     For more information and to register on July 8th, go to the Golf Genius event portal:

     Important: When accessing the above link, you may be required to verify that you are a LPGA Amateur member by signing in with your account email and password.

     The Golf Genius ID (GGID) for the event is NORE2022. The event portal can also be accessed by going to the main Golf Genius site: Click "Sign-In" in the upper right corner and enter the GGID. You do not have to enter an email or password. The GGID is not case sensitive.

    Mark your calendar to register on July 8. Excitement is building for the tournament, which is anticipated to sell out. Registration will be limited to the first three teams per chapter for a field of 24 teams and 96 players. At least three players on each team must be members of the same chapter. During registration, players must identify the chapter their team is representing, their team captain, and team name. 


  • Check out our Newsletter for June 2022
    Review the May results and the June happenings in our June newsletter by Clicking Here.

  • East Meets West (Coastal and Central NJ) Joint Outing June 18, 2022

    Registration is open for  "Jersey Girls: East meets West" on June 18th at Spring Meadow in Farmingdale, NJ.  The Coastal NJ and Central NJ chapters of the LPGA Amateurs will enjoy a day of golf on one of the few golf courses owned by the State of New Jersey. Consecutive tee times start at 10:30 a.m.  You can register by going to our events / league page or by linking to our Golf Genius Events list. Or you can get there directly by clicking here.


    Registration is full, but you can still join the waitlist.

  • Join the National Biggest Loser Challenge

    Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge
    Looking for some added incentive to improve your game in 2022? Consider joining the LPGA Amateur National Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge. This five-month long, stroke-shaving competition challenges LPGA Amateurs members from across the National Association to see who can improve the most. The competition is flighted and prizes are awarded by flight. The member with the largest improvement of the field will receive a Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder, the official rangefinder of the LPGA Tour!  Individual flight winners will receive a Voice Caddie L5 Laser Rangefinder.


    Registration Fee: US$15.00
    Starting Handicap* Revision Date and Close of Registration: June 1, 2022
    Ending Handicap Revision Date and Close of Competition: October 31, 2022
    Minimum Number of Rounds: Competitors must post a minimum of 10 rounds in 2022 to be eligible for prizes.
     *Note: starting handicaps must be based on a minimum of fifteen (15) 18-hole equivalent rounds. This can include scores from the previous year.

    Complete rules for the competition can be found  here.
    Please direct all questions or inquiries to
    Click here to register.



  • Check out our latest newsletter
    Check our latest newsletter HERE to review the latest news about the happenings in our chapter including the biggest loser and the competitive corner.

  • Coastal Meets NNJ - Sunday May 22
    A joint outing between the Northern New Jersey (NNJ) and Coastal New Jersey chapters is being hosted by NNJ at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth on Sunday, May 22. Please click here to read all about it.

  • April Newsletter is available here.
    Please click here to read the latest message from the Chapter President and other information about our 2022 season.

  • Calling All VIPs!! Vitally Involved Participants are at the heart of our chapter.
    Additional Information can be found on the home page under the "Volunteer Section".  

  • Join us for our Season Opener on Saturday, April 30!!
    The Season Opener is a scramble outing on Saturday, April 30 at Hominy Hill Golf Course, Colts Neck,  NJ. Consecutive tee times start at noon and the outing is limited to 28 players. You can register by going to our events / league page or by linking to our Golf Genius Events list. Or you can get there directly by linking  here

  • Registration for Leagues Opens April 3. Check out the links here!!

    Registration for our 2022 leagues opens on April 3 at 8 a.m. You can review the details and schedules before registration opens.

    Direct link to Golf Genius website:  Golf Genius League Directory

    Link to Leagues Page on this website:  Coastal NJ Leagues

    Both Golf Genius and the Leagues Page on this website have the option to review the schedules for the 2 leagues which rotate amongst courses. We are also including links to the information here:

               Traveling Thursday Course Schedule

               Tuesday in the Park Schedule

  • Volunteer for the Shop-Rite Classic June 6 -12

    Please visit our Volunteer Page here for more information.  

    You can visit the Shop-Rite Classic Volunteer page directly by clicking here

  • Attend a rules Webinar with NJSGA

    NJSGA Rules of Golf Webinars

    New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA) offers free webinars covering the important rules of golf that every golfer should know.  Registrants receive a link to the webinar on the day prior to the event.

  • Renew or Register for your 2022 GHIN handicap
    Renew or register for your 2022 GHIN handicap by selecting option under "quick Links" on the right side of the home page.

  • President's Corner - a message from Ann Mackey
    Please click here to read a message from Coastal New Jersey President Ann Mackey.

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