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  • Holiday Party 2023

    It was a fun night at the Collegian Inn and Suites on Dec. 13 as Chapter Members and guests attended the annual Holiday Party!

    Thank you to Events Chair, Judy McCrea, and her committee for a wonderful evening of food and fun as well as Event Sponsors and donors to the Holiday Gift Drawings: The Collegian Inn & Suites, Vintage Garden, Yards Grille, Bull & Bear, and the CNY Chapter Leadership Team.

    Big winners of the evening included Fran Piraino and guest, Meg Mead, both of whom won a 2024 Chapter Membership, as well as guest, Rachel Bush, the 50/50 winner.

    Other gift winners included Mary Beth Fiore, Judy Winslow, Grace Kuqali, Nina Iles, Erin Byrnes-Hammond, Kelly Habegger, Colleen Roche, Winnie Schleider, Judy Windhausen, Judy Winslow, Sheila Ohstrom, Laurie Kadah, Theresa Covington, and Cindy Couche.

    A special thank you to those of you who participated in the 50/50 and Holiday Gift drawings, the proceeds of which were designated for the Food Bank of CNY. Your generosity will allow the Chapter to donate $473 to the Food Bank which is significant in their efforts to support the CNY Community.



  • CNY Hosts the 2023 Thruway Challenge

    It was a beautiful day for golf in August, and we hope the 40 ladies who joined us recently at Kanon Valley for the Thruway Challenge enjoyed themselves.

    Winners of the on-course contests were spread among the three Chapters, although CNY Chapter

    member, Cassie Breen, snagged a Closest to the Pin.

    With each 2 person team playing for just one point towards their Chapter’s total, it was close. Albany secured 3 points, Syracuse 3, but ultimately it was Rochester who garnered the Virtual Trophy win with 4 points.

    We congratulate the Rochester Chapter on their win and look forward to next year’s Challenge which
    will be hosted by the Rochester Chapter as well.

  • Thank you to our league captains

    Many thanks to our 2023 League Captains and Coordinators for keeping things organized and moving along!

    We appreciate you!

    Cindy Granger, Pat Mautino (Drumlins)

    Janis Luce, Betty Hatem (Foxfire)

    Char Schmidt, Nancy Christy (Green Lakes)

    Katie Mooney, Cindy Couche (Camillus)

    Colleen Roche, Cassie Breen (Weekend)

  • 2023 League Champions crowns

    Congratulations to the 2023 League Champions!

    Ann Marziale and Sue Joyner (Drumlins)

    Kathy Casatelli (Foxfire) Picture Below

    Janice Abdo-Rott (Green Lakes)

    Kathy Casatelli (Camillus)

    Colleen Roche (Weekend Travel)


    Kudos to Kathy Casatelli who came in first in two leagues this season!

  • Green Lakes End of Season
    It was definitely a fall day when we gathered Sept. 24 at Green Lakes State Park Golf Course for the 2023 End of Season event. Hopefully everyone enjoyed a fun round of golf, the contest holes, luncheon, the 50/50 drawing and
    door prizes. 
    Following the round we had a nice luncheon, thanked our volunteers, acknowledged our League
    winners, the day’s contest winners, 50/50 winners and distributed door prices.
    Many thanks our event volunteers: Katie Mooney, Cindy Couche, Nina Iles, Judy McCrea, and Tracy Gibson for

    their help with set up, sign in, 50/50 drawings and all else.

    Closest to the Pin Contest Winners – Hole #2, Cindy Couche, Hole #4, Linda Pernell, Hole #6, Erin

    Hammond, Hole #13, Cassie Breen & Hole #16, Ann Marziale

    And KUDOS to Cassie Breen and Jennifer Taylor who both posted a 3 on the Par 5, $15 – Eagles !

    50/50 Winners – Tracy Gibson and Cindy Granger

    And a BIG thank you goes to our members participating in the 50/50. Your generosity allowed us to

    donate $140 to the CNY Food Bank in addition to our winners !

  • 2022 Holiday Party

    More than 30 members and guests enjoyed some holiday party fun at the Collegian Hotel on December 7.

    Thank you to the generosity of those who participated in the Holiday drawings generated proceeds of more than $400 which will be donated to the CNY Food Bank.

    Erin Byrnes-Hammond won a 2023 membership!

    50/50 Winners included: Colleen Roche, Nancy Stevens, Marianne Ferris and Erin Byrnes-Hammond

    Other lucky winners: Kathy Casatelli, Nicole Capriotti, Colleen Roche, Santa Coholan, Kristin Swarts

    A special shoutout goes to Nina Iles and the events committee for coordinating such an enjoyable evening!

    For more pictures from the event, go to our Facebook page!

  • Special Awards from the 2022 season

    Here's a recap from the 2022 season. Congrats to all!


    In honor of our Chapter's 20th anniversary (est. 2002), we recognized the Chapter's longest standing members with a token of appreciation. They are: Pat Mautino, Cindy Granger and Katherine Nickerson. All have been CNY Chapter members since 2003. Bravo ladies!


    There were four flights, based on their handicap on June 1, 2022. The challenge ended as of September 15. Winners were announced at our End of Season on Oct. 1.

    And the winners are: 

    Flight 1- 6.5 to 21.7:   Janis Luce (down 1.8 strokes)

    Flight 2- 22.0 to 26.1: Carol Polimino (down .2 strokes)

    Flight 3- 26.2 to 32.0: Fran Piraino (down 3.5 strokes)

    Flight 4- 32.1 to 54.0: Judy McCrea (down 6.7 strokes)

    Also noteworthy are the 'shakers and movers' (members that didn't quite win but who had very respectable drops in their handicaps.) Those ladies are: Colleen Keane (down 2.7 strokes), Jean Versace (down 2.2 strokes), Tracy Gibson (down 4.7 strokes), Ann Marziale (down 5.6 strokes) and Judy Winslow (down 2.6 strokes).



    Drumlins Monday League

    First - Pat Mautino/Cindy Granger

    Second -  Annie Marziale/Sue Joyner

    Wednesday Foxfire 18-hole

    First - Fran Piraino

    Second - Nina Iles

    Green Lakes Wednesday Evening

    First - Colleen Roche

    Second - Nicole Capriotti/ Char Schmidt

    Thursday Camillus18-hole

    First - Cindy Couche

    Second - Colleen Roche

    Weekend Travel League

    First - Janet Schwartz

    Second - Cassie Breen

  • Thank you to our outgoing Board members

    Please welcome the newly elected members of the Chapter Leadership Team

    Colleen Roche – President

    Cassie Breen – Communications and Marketing

    Sue Haley – Membership Recruitment

    Char Schmidt - Membership Services

    These ladies join those Board members continuing into the 2023 Season: 

    Nina Iles - Events and Activities

    Janet Schwartz - Finance and Records.

    In addition to those members who have volunteered throughout the season, a sincere thank you goes to our outgoing Board members, Nicole Capriotti, Katie Mooney, and Fran Piraino. Their time, energies and dedication to the Chapter and its members is greatly appreciated.

  • 2022 Kickoff Event
    The CNY Chapter held its Spring Kickoff Event March 6 at Vito's Ristorante.
    Chapter members and board members welcomed guests for an afternoon of food, fun and giveaways. There was also lots of information about the upcoming season including the 2020 league lineup, pre-season golf clinics and some fun activities planned for the season.
    Be sure to check your emails for our Chapter newsletter with additional information.

    It should be an exciting year!

  • 2021 Chapter Holiday Party

    More than 40 Chapter members and guests gathered at the Collegian Hotel for a fun night of food, drinks and merriment Dec. 8.

    It was our first non-golf social event in two years. 

    Thank you to all who attended and the Events Committee for coordinating such an enjoyable night.

    Go to our Facebook page to see more pictures!

    After a year hiatus because of the pandemic, the CNY Chapter successfully returned to league competition. Here is a list of 2021 award winners and those who deserve recognition.

    Our chapter recognized the first and second place finishers in our five leagues. Congratulations to all!
    We also would like to congratulate the seven ladies who took part in our Introduction to Golf League at Butternut Creek!
    Drumlins Monday League
    First: Cindy Granger/Pat Mautino

    Second: Ann Marziale/Sue Joyner
    Foxfire Wednesday 18-hole League
    First: Colleen Roche
    Second: Nina Iles
    Green Lakes Wednesday League
    First place: Kathy Casatelli
    Second place: Hunter Hillers
    Erie Village Thursday 18-hole League
    First place: Laurie Kadah
    Second place: Katie Mooney
    Weekend Travel League
    First place: Mary Studdiford
    Second place: Cassie Breen
    Intro League
    Players: Sheryl DeMauro, Joan Arno, Claudia Kosty, Ginny Robbins, Katie Centolella, Kathy Ruggeri, Sharon Forbes

    FIRST FLIGHT: Amy Monnat
    SECOND FLIGHT: Colleen Roche
    THIRD FLIGHT: Pat Mautino
    FOURTH FLIGHT: Cindy Couche

    Drumlins Monday League: 
    Ann Marziale and Sue Joyner
    Foxfire Wednesday 18-hole League: Nina Iles and Janis Luce
    Green Lakes Wednesday League: Kathy Casatelli and Nicole Capriotti
    Erie Village Thursday 18-hole League: Katie Mooney
    Weekend Travel League: Janet Schwartz and Cassie Breen
    Intro League Mentors: Colleen Roche, Jessica Barron, Betty Hatem, Mary Cunningham, Nicole Capriotti, Kathy Casatelli, Fred Pannozzo, Fran Piraino, Janet Schwartz and Char Schmidt

    2021 Intro League Mentors

    Colleen Roche, Jessica Barron, Betty Hatem, Mary Cunningham, Nicole Capriotti, Kathy Casatelli, Fred Pannozzo, Fran Piraino, Janet Schwartz, Katie Mooney and Char Schmidt

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