Elections have been completed and we are pleased to announce the following recently elected members of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors:
Finance Director- Erin Byrnes-Hammond
Member Services Director-  Jessica Barron
Social and Golf Events Director-  Betty Hatem
President-  Janis Luce
Directors continuing in the second year of their elected term are:

Communications Director- Katie Mooney
Member Recruitment Director-  Colette Powers
Leagues and Education Director-  Kim Pearsall
Please be sure to extend a heartfelt thank you to outgoing Board members Kyra Danneker, Colleen Roche and Laurie Kadah, for their service to the Chapter and its members.
We also thank the Elections Committee led by Chair Winnie Schleider. Other committee members are Coey Keane, Diana Kemme, Fran Piraino and Betty Hatem.  THANK YOU!