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COVID-19 Update: All members play and participate at their own risk and should review and adhere to local, state and government COVID-19 advisories.
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We had a great year -- lots of golf and lots of fun!  Come and enjoy reminiscing with all your golf friends.

We will gather on Saturday, November 13 at 11:30 AM at Old Natchez Country Club. The $35 fee includes a salad, chicken entree, dessert, tax and tip. A vegetarian option is also available after you choose to purchase your ticket (below payment information). There will be a cash bar as well.

Let's celebrate 2021 in style!!


CHAPTER CHAMPIONSHIP - A Great Success!!!!  

Wow, it was a great day for the 28 ladies who came out to The Hermitage Golf Course to participate. The weather cooperated and we all finished before it was too dark. A big thanks to tournament director, Marie Tucker, and co-organizer, Terry Applegate, for all their hard work! Congratulations to all the winners!

Championship Flight

Karin Rader – The Champion!
Danna Raube – 1st Low Net
Sue Gray – 2nd Low Gross
Leann Crawley – 2nd Low Net

1st Flight
Laura Hodge – 1st Low Gross
Kaye Steed – 1st Low Net
Cheryl Hibbett – 2nd Low Gross
Sun Swanson – 2nd Low Net

2nd Flight
Carolyn Johnson – 1st Low Gross
Susan Shivas – 1st Low Net
Dottie Dube – 2nd Low Gross
Dobrila Pintar – 2nd Low Net

3rd Flight
Jen Cherry – 1st Low Gross
Cindy Courteau – 1st Low Net
Susan Hayes – 2nd Low Gross
Andrea Velasquez – 2nd Low Net

4th Flight
Yolanda Inge – 1st Low Gross
Monica Nutty – 1st Low Net
Stephanie Garrett – 2nd Low Gross
Lorraine Martinez – 2nd Low Net

Twelve Stones Golf Club Playdate - October 9th

Tee times begin at 8:30am (reverse shotgun).  $54 ($49 over 65 yrs) fee is payable at the course.  Maximun number of players: 32.  Deadline to register: 5:00pm on October 6.  

The onsite restaurant, Sand Trap, will be open if want to eat on your own afterwards.

Players will be required to pair up on golf carts, if they choose to take their own golf carts their will be an additional $12.00 Cart fee.

Playdate Coordinator:  Susan Shivas


Riverwatch Golf Club (Sparta) Playdate - October 23rd

Tee times begin at 10:00am.  $40 fee is payable at the course and includes range balls. Maximum number of players:  24.  Deadline to register: 5:00pm on October 20.

Players can order lunch when you arrive and it will be ready for you at the turn.  Lunch menu will be sent out to players with pairings. 

Condos are available across the street if anyone wants to stay over. Call the clubhouse to reserve a condo: $70/ night plus $50 one time cleaning fee. (931)761-8124

Playdate Coordinator:  Susan Shivas


Check it out!!


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Chapter News and Announcements
  • Our Sponsor, Swiftwick Socks - The Best Socks, is offering LPGA Amateurs Nashville 35% off any purchase.  Just use the discount code: 2021DRLPGA35 (expires 2021-12-31) in the coupon field when you go to check out at swiftwick.com!
    2021 Dixie Cup scheduled for:
    September 17-19, 2021  at the 
    Etowah Valley Golf Resort, Etowah, NC
     dixiecup logo
    Hello LPGA Ladies of The South!
    Will the 2021 Dixie Cup winner be The Carolinas or The HOTS (Heart of The South)? 
    Below is a link to the website where you can see all of the details as well as a Registration button.
    Registration begins on April 15th with the registration deadline June 30th. A $100.00 deposit is required with registration and is payable through the website.
    One more note, you will be asked to provide your GHIN # which is available on the first page of the LPGA App. Handicaps will be retrieved from the GHIN System on August 15th and Match Play Pairings will be determined based on handicaps that day.
    We are very excited to welcome all of you to this beautiful spot where we will gather for fun competition and friendship! Please plan to come play for your team!
    Dixie Cup 2021
    Charlotte Chapter Hosts

    On 1/1/20, the new Rules of Handicapping were introduced in the United States as part of the World Handicap System that will be adopted by countries all over the world.
    Both score posting services GHIN and GolfNet are now available for entering your scores. The posting location for either service (mobile app or online) will be the same as it was prior to the update, but the posting screens will have a completely new look and some additional features.
    Maximum Allowed Score for Posting
    Starting in 2020, the maximum score you can post on any hole is a NET DOUBLE BOGEY. In other words, the maximum score for each hole is Double Bogey + any Handicap Strokes applied on that hole based on your Course Handicap.
    If you use the hole by hole posting option, the system will automatically calculate and make the adjustment for you based on the tees you selected. This is the recommended method for posting all scores.
    If you post total scores only (9-hole or 18-hole), you will need to adjust each hole score on your own before posting. To do this, you must first determine your Course Handicap and then note on your scorecard where you receive strokes. Adjust any hole scores down to the maximum allowed and then total your score. You may use the Course Handicap Calculator found at usga.org and will need to know your Handicap Index, the Course Rating and Slope for the tees you played, and the Course Par .
    Or, if you like to do the math, here is the new Course Handicap formula:
    Handicap Index x (Slope Rating/113) + (Course Rating - Par)
    Example: 26.2 x (126/113) + (72.1 – 72) = 29.31 rounded to 29.  
    You receive 1 stroke on each hole plus one additional stroke on the 11 holes that are rated as most difficult.
    Handicaps Now Updated Daily
    Your handicap index will update EACH DAY you post a score rather than twice each month. You should post your scores immediately after completion of each round and no later than midnight of the day you played. 
    Questions? Email handicap@lpgaamateurs.com. For more information about the World Handicap System and the new Rules of Handicapping go to usga.org
Association News and Announcements
  • We made a TikTok account! - That's right! We made a TikTok account! Make sure to give us a follow and let us know what type of content YOU would like to see. Click here for our TikTok link!
  • You are invited to the Virtual Solheim Cup Watch Party this weekend, September 4-6! - Join with the LPGA Women's Network community and experience the biggest event in women's golf! Post your pictures and stories at #SolheimCupWatchParty and on the LPGA Amateurs Facebook Member Private pageTwitterInstagram, and TikTok
  • Play in the LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble and Support the LPGA Foundation! - Join in the fun of playing in the LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble and support the Women on Par Scholarship Fund and the Renee Powell Grant Fund. This unique event raised over $56,000 in 2020 and with your participation, together we can raise even more this year! Gather your team to play in this fun 4-person scramble at your favorite course between Sept 10 - 26, 2021. Team members who are not current LPGA Amateurs members will receive a complimentary LPGA Amateurs Virtual Membership that is valid through the end of 2021! LPGA Partners will also have special offers and discounts throughout the event as well as multiple prizes for low gross/low net! 
Member Benefits

The LPGA Amateurs offers a welcoming golf community for all women to learn to play, play better, have fun and make friends.  Highlights of LPGA Amateurs member benefits include:

  • Organized golf: leagues, outings, regional & LPGA Amateurs competitive events, golf experiences and trips
  • Golf education, instruction and clinics
  • Social and networking events
  • Free entrance (member plus one guest) to all LPGA, Symetra, and LPGA Legends Tour events in the US and Canada
  • Discounts on apparel, equipment, travel, greens fees and more

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Access the Member Clubhouse to view benefit details (members only)


Volunteers are the heart and backbone of our Chapter. Through our volunteers, we are able to offer golf play dates, social events, annual chapter gatherings, competition play and support to other organizations that promote the game of golf.

As a member, YOU have the responsibility to help our chapter succeed. There is a place for everyone and everyone’s help is appreciated. Not only do you feel good giving, you WILL also benefit in so many ways.  New friends, new skills, new experiences.

Volunteer roles include:
 - Board of Directors
 - Ad Hoc Board positions
 - League Captains
 - Committee members

Jeannie Musterman Volunteer of the Year Award

For much of our early history, Jeannie served as a dedicated and passionate volunteer. To honor our friend and longtime Executive Womens Golf Association member Jeannie Musterman, we started an Outstanding Volunteer Award to be presented to a Chapter member who exemplifies her qualities in exceptional volunteer participation and leadership. Jeannie was a no-nonsense, task orientated member who never hesitated to take on any opportunity to help her fellow members. Through her volunteer efforts she demonstrated to us all her love for the game of golf and compassion to help others.

The Jeanne Musterman Outstanding Volunteer Award is voted on by the membership and awarded each year at our End of the Year Celebration.

Congratulations to Marie Tucker - our 2019 JM Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient!

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