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While the LPGA Amateurs Long Island Chapter does not currently offer direct golf clinic opportunities, we do highlight those of teaching professionals and golf courses that are partners in our weekly league play.

No clinics at this time, but 2023 Clinic possibilities are in discussion.

World Handicap System & Etiquette

Effective January 2020, the USGA and the R&A established a uniform set of handicapping rules (World Handicap System or WHS) that now apply to all golfers. Their intent was to make the game of golf more inclusive and fair. In addition, they created one system that all golfers can use to keep their handicap on any golf course they play worldwide.

There are many nuances to this new system that can be found in the resources below:

World Handicap System

Golf Etiquette
Unlike many sports, golf is for the most part played without the supervision of a referee, umpire or coach. The game relies on the individual golfer to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. New golfers are often in need of advice about customary behavior and practices to follow on course so that play proceeds safely and without delay. Consult the league etiquette flyer below to help all players get the maximum enjoyment from the game.

League Etiquette This is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about golf etiquette. If you are a newcomer, following the guidelines in this comprehensive slide presentation will help you feel right at home on the course. 


Scoring Tips

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Long Island   Due to social distancing requirements, in-person seminars will not be held this year. Review the above information, the resources at the bottom of this page, and other online information from the USGA and MGA.

Contact the following volunteers if you have questions:
Rules Questions or Issues, contact Maureen Mahoney, LPGA Amateur Golf Association Long Island Chapter Rules Chair
Handicap Questions or Issues, contact Patrice Franco , LPGA Amateur Golf Association Long Island Chapter Handicap Chair



Handicap Systems


We strongly recommend all members move to the GHIN system. 
You can sign up using the link below:

To SIGN UP to be a new member of the organization's GHIN club or to RENEW an existing membership please click the link below and follow the instructions:

Online Membership

Once you establish or renew a GHIN Handicap, you can post scores either on a computer or via a smartphone/device. The App is the easiest way to post scores:

Download the MGA App (preferred as this is our Regional Golf Association, and you can get local information here) or GHIN App

To post on a computer, go to You can either Log In to view your handicap record and post scores, or simply click on “Post Scores” on the menu. Enter your GHIN # and last name to post.


LPGA Amateurs Member Benefit Webinars: No webinars currently scheduled. Please check back for upcoming events.

LPGA Amateurs Golf Benefits Portal Take advantage of your membership benefits!

he Golf Benefits Portal allows members to take advantage of exclusive benefits from golf facilities, teaching professionals and other providers all over the world. Member benefits include preferred LPGA Amateurs pricing on playing rates, apparel, equipment, private instruction, as well as food and beverage.

You can view the Golf Benefits Portal page in the Member Clubhouse
(Member Clubhouse - > Golf Benefits Portal tab).

If you have a favorite course, instructor or other golf provider that you'd like to receive information about joining the Golf Benefits Portal, please contact


Metropolitan Golf Association

Rules of Handicapping

World Handicap System Key Changes

Golf handicapping videos

WHS handicapping helpful documents

Online Membership

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