LPGA Amateurs Long Island members have two available handicap services:

GHIN:  LPGA Amateurs is a member club of Metropolitan Golf Association which  offers GHIN handicap services.  Use in any event or competition which requires a handicap.

LPGA Amateurs Handicap:  Offered by GolfNet/GN21.  Use only in LPGA Amateur events and competitions.  Cost:  Included in your membership.

 handicapscoringmp4-sm  handicapscoringpdf-sm
 Handicap & Scoring Video (will open in a new window)  Handicap & Scoring PDF Slides (will open in a new window)

  Liz Granitz and Maureen Mahoney have collaborated on these two presentations to help make sense out of a complicated rule system. The video includes a voice over that aids in understanding the slides and the PDF provides a clearer visual view of the diagrams. For future reference you can download and print the PDF.

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