At year-end 2022, the GolfNet/GN21 Handicap Service (provided as part of your LPGA Amateur Golf Association Membership) will be discontinued. Beginning January 1, 2023, LPGA Amateurs Members using GolfNet/GN21 who wish to continue to have a golf handicap will need to renew their Handicaps through the GHIN Handicap Service administered by the Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA).

Our chapter has a GHIN eClubknown as the “LPGA AMATEURS GOLF ASSOC - LI” GHIN CLUB, which is already being used by many of our members.  There is an annual cost for this handicap service, $35 in 2023 but subject to change each year.  

To JOIN or RENEW Your GHIN Handicap through the LPGA Amateurs Long Island eClub, click the link below.  


Note - the first screen says "Join", but when you click that button, the next screen will offer the options for New or Renewing members.

Make sure to CHECK "ENABLE AUTO-RENEW" on the payment screen so that your GHIN will automatically be renewed each year-end.  

Please contact our Handicap Chairperson, Patrice Franco, with any questions.  handicap@lpgaamateurslongisland.com

Posting Scores under the World Handicap System (WHS)

 Handicap & Scoring Video (will open in a new window)
  Handicap & Scoring PDF Slides (will open in a new window)

 Liz Granitz and Maureen Mahoney have collaborated on these two presentations to help make sense of the complicated handicap system. The video includes a voice-over that aids in understanding the slides and the PDF provides a clearer visual view of the diagrams. For future reference, you can download and print the PDF.

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