Dallas Chapter
  • Summary of the new World Handcap System thanks to Jackie LaFollette. More information here: USGA.

  • Check out the highlights of the 2019 GOLF RULES CHANGES from LPGA Amateurs.

  • Five Rules of Golf Etiquette from Tee to Green thanks to Golf Sidekick.

    1. Etiquette before the game
    No golf bags in the clubhouse
    Respect peoples time
    Introduce yourself with a handshake
    Dress appropriately

    2. Etiquette for general play
    Silence is golden!
    Take your time BUT don't be slow
    Don't lose your temper
    Watch where you stand
    Respect the course and other players
    Help other guys look for their balls

    3. Etiquette on the tee
    Stand still and ssshhh
    Respect 'honor' unless playing 'ready golf'
    Wait until everyone has teed off

    4. Etiquette on the green
    Don't stand on other players' lines
    Mark your ball
    Watch your shadow
    Hold the pin for others

    5. Etiquette after the round
    Shake hands with everyone
    Stay for a drink
    No caps or hats on in the club house