How To Establish or Maintain a Golf Handicap

To play in any of the LPGA Amateurs competitive events you will need a valid Handicap Index, maintained by GHIN.

The Dallas Chapter maintains a group through the Texas Golf Association, and you can be a part of our Chapter Roster and have full benefits of membership in the Texas Golf Association, including the maintenance of your GHIN handicap, for $26/year. This fee is paid to the Texas Golf Association when you join and runs on a calendar year basis.

To sign up, use this link: https://www.txga.org/start/join/?cid=7608 

Download the free GHIN app or use the website at GHIN.com to record your scores.

If you prefer to keep your GHIN membership through another association, please email your GHIN ID# to handicaplpgaamateursdallas@gmail.com

Note: to establish a handicap index for the first time, you’ll need to post scores for 54 holes played (three 18-hole scores, six 9-hole scores or a combination of 9 & 18 hole rounds). 

Reminder: It’s best to enter scores on the same day you play a round. But if you enter scores for previous rounds, be sure to change the date to reflect the actual date played.

I look forward to playing golf with you soon! In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.

Fairways and Greens~

Kelly Campbell

Chapter Sponsors & Partners