To Post Your Scores click the system below where you maintain your handicap index.

-----LPGA Amateurs provides an authorized handicapping service that will end in December 2022.  

-----NCGA is the authorized organization of USGA for handicap indexing in Northern California. 

-----GHIN is the USGA handicapping network.  This covers all organizations that belong to this network.  

For questions and more information 
Contact:  Handicaps@lpgaamateurssacramento.com

FAQs On Scoring

Have a burning question about when to post your score or if you even need to post it? 

Click the link below to read an older article so some of the information about the use of technology is incorrect, but it is a great overview of what to do about posting your scores.

To Post or Not  and for more information from USGA.org about scores.

How about those 
Practice Swings and “Whiffs"  ~  Ever wonder about when they count? 

Click here!

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