Sacramento Chapter
Chapter Leagues

2020 Leagues

2020 Snow Bunny League
This is a fun, casual winter league that is played in January and February. 

2020 Mix-It-Up League (CANCELLED due to Coronavirus pandemic restrictions)
The 2020 Mix-It-Up League is a fun partners league intended to introduce the newer golfer to competition.  The coordinator will set up the two-person teams so you don't need to have a partner to register.  The league runs in the Spring.

Match It Up League
Cancelled due to COVID-19

The 2020 Match It Up League will open for registration in early summer.   This league runs in during the summer.

Phase 2 League
A merger of the Mix It Up and the Match It Up Leagues.  Scheduled for play during June and July.

Stableford League
The Stableford League is a fun, individual stroke play format.  Players earn points for each hole based on their net scores making this a perfect league for players with higher handicaps. The objective is to earn as many points as you can.  The league runs in the Fall.