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Why You Should Keep a Handicap (Even if You Think You Don’t Need One!)

You’ve never played competitive golf.  Ever.  Handicap? Nope never had one of those either.   I mean why would I?   If you can answer yes to just 1 or all of these questions – then here are 5 reasons to keep a handicap!  

  1. To track how you improve! Let’s be honest we all like to play well or even better!  Handicap is way for you to watch your progress even with those bad rounds (which now don’t count!)
  2. To make a fun game even more fun!A handicap enables you and players of different levels to participate and compete (seriously or just for fun on that weekend round) on an equitable basis. But most importantly to earn the right to brag about it!
  3. To participate in some LPGA Amateur events, local area tournaments, charitable events or those work events!  A handicap is the best way to even out the playing field and make it fair for all players. (Best part is when in a foursome event a higher handicap can be a plus to your team!!)
  4. It is as easy to do as a text message!  We all look at our phones on “frequent” basis!   Download the app, choose the course you played and post that score.
  1. New World Handicap System!  The USGA and golfing community have implemented a new handicap system which has increased the handicap levels and have made it easier to have those bad rounds not impact your overall handicap and many other enhancements.

For additional information go to the USGA website, https://www.usga.org (Playing). If you have any questions on setting up your handicap send an email to handicap@lpgaamateurscnj.com

You have two options for maintaining a handicap:

 - LPGA Amateurs membership includes free access to GolfNet.  Register  for GOLFNET. click here

 - GHIN ( Golf Handicap Information Network) is a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide.   This is the most widely recognized handicap network and is offered through the Central NJ chapter at a cost of $30 per year. Register here for GHIN . click here