GHIN service provides membership in the Miami Valley Golf Association and the Dayton District Women’s Golf Association (DDWGA), which makes you eligible to participate in their events and supports your local USGA regional golf association.  Rates for 2024 are $32  for registration and can be created or renewed here for the year

GHIN allows you to post scores via the internet or the GHIN Mobile app.  Both allow you to review your scoring record or the scoring records of others within the GHIN system.  The app provides you with an electronic card with your Handicap index.


To establish a handicap, you need to post the minimum number (which is three) of 18-hole rounds.  Posting your golf scores into GHIN in Ohio begins March 15 and ends November 30.  If you play in other states such as Florida, you should post your scores anytime during the year.  Southern and most western states do not have seasonal posting and you should post your scores anytime you play there.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Handicap POC Cheryl Davis.  Her email is magpies35@woh.rr.com.

World Handicap Scoring
In 2020, we have moved to the World Handicap System.  Please visit the Miami Valley Golf Association for additional information

Want are the Fundamentals of the New World Handicap System?  Watch the  Video Presentation from the USGA Website.

LPGA Amateurs’ Flight Information
00.0 - 10.0 Championship Flight
10.1 – 17.0 First Flight
17.1 – 24.0 Second Flight
24.1 – 32.0 Third Flight
32.1 – 40.4 Fourth Flight

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