About Us
LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ is THE Golf Community for Women. Women of all walks of life, all backgrounds and all ages coming together, connecting, expanding their network and making new friends, all around a shared passion for golf. Our mission is to provide a welcoming golf community for all women. The LPGA Amateur Golf Association transcends geographic boundaries. With Chapters in over 110 cities (and growing) in the US and internationally, we bring together and connect women who share a passion for golf.  The LPGA Amateur Golf Association hosts thousands of golf, social, and networking events annually as well as providing members with the opportunity to participate in major National championships and events.

Our Milwaukee Chapter prides ourselves on hosting fun, competitive, and social leagues and events throughout the year. Our members are diverse, engaging, and enjoy connecting through golf.

Please find our Milwaukee Chapter bylaws here.

Please find our LPGA Amateur Golf Association's Code of Conduct here.

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Diversity Statement:
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association strives for an inclusive membership with full participation, regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, career choice or golf ability. The LPGA Amateur Golf Association believes that the practice of valuing and celebrating diversity will strengthen the status of women and that it is vital to our organization’s vision and mission.
LPGA Amateur Golf Association Core Values:
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association operates with a set of Core Values that define the expected conduct of everyone associated with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association. They set a code of conduct for all Association and Chapter operations. 
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association believes in and conducts itself according to the values embodied by the game of golf:
Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Honor, Sportsmanship, Fun and Friendship
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is dedicated to:
  • Inclusivity and diversity; golf is for all
  • Golf as an important asset for women in business
  • Volunteer service
  • Mentoring and support for new golfers
  • Advancement of skills for all golfers
  • Making a difference in women’s golf
  • Professionalism in our operations and relationships
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of its members. To do so violates the law and also the LPGA Amateur Golf Association policy.
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