Being a member of LPGA Amateurs provides you with opportunities to learn about key golf fundamentals, whether playing for pleasure, business or competition. 


The USGA now requires all handicaps to be issued through a state or regional golf association club and LPGA Amateurs is not allowed to form these clubs on behalf of the Chapters.  

Wisconsin State Golf Association WSGA
As a member club of the Wisconsin State Golf Association (WSGA) you have the option of choosing the WSGA system to maintain your handicap index for a discounted annual charge of $25.00 for LPGA Amateurs members. Use this link to register through us for the discount:  2024 WSGA Membership for LPGA Amateurs members

WSGA Handicap
Registration to become a member of the Wisconsin State Golf Association (WSGA) and to use the WSGA system as your Handicap tracking system.

Rules & Etiquette Meetings

In Spring, the Milwaukee Chapter hosts Rules & Etiquette meetings that are open to all members.  If you plan to join a league or sign up as a sub, we strongly encourage you to attend one session each year.

The WI State Golf Association (WSGA) will discuss how to apply the rules of golf in the most common situations during your round (what to do when your ball is resting on the cart path or in the water hazard and it is staked red or yellow).  You will also learn about pace of play, etiquette on the golf course and what a handicap is and how to create. 

There will be time for questions.  Weather permitting, there will be demonstrations outside.

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