Chapter Leagues

Playing on an LPGA Amateur Golf Association league is one of the best ways to network and meet fellow members. You MUST be an LPGA Amateurs member to register for any league.  The LPGA Amateurs database updates once every 24 hours.  Don't delay your registration for your favorite league.  

It is important when choosing a league to select the one that fits your golfing ability, not just the course with the location that is most convenient for you.  Each league has a skill level associated with it and should be a factor when choosing a league. 

Rookies and Beginner League

Our offered Rookies leagues are mentored league played at Hansen Golf Course and Brookfield Hills and includes lessons at Kettle Hills Golf Course. Volunteer, experienced LPGA Amateurs members will walk along with foursomes to be available for questions and provide helpful tips on golf etiquette. For example, pointers on where to be in the best position to be prepared to hit your next golf shot and keep the pace of play moving will be given. Rookies league is a great opportunity for new or returning golfers to get out on the course and be able to ask questions and to become comfortable with golf league play in a fun, no pressure way.  

  • Monday: Rookies
  • Monday: Greenfield
  • Thursday: Brookfield Hills
  • Saturday: Hansen

Intermediate League

  • Sunday: Funday Traveling
  • Sunday: Morning Traveling
  • Monday: Wanaki
  • Tuesday: Mee-Kwon
  • Tuesday: Whitnall
  • Wednesday: Deertrak
  • Thursday: New Berlin Hills
  • Thursday: Currie/Dretzka
  • Friday: Kettle Hills

Advanced League

  • Tuesday: Traveling Pay-as-you-go
  • Wednesday: Brown Deer
  • Thursday: Songbird Hills
  • Saturday: Traveling

Milwaukee Chapter Sub List

Don't forget to utilize our Milwaukee Chapter sub list so that you can take advantage of playing other leagues when needed / wanted. Our sub system is a reliable way to find a sub when you cannot play a date for your league or to sign up to be a potential sub on as many leagues as you want. Navigate your way to our Chapter Leagues page on this website and scroll to the bottom to find the links and instructions on becoming or requesting a sub.

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