Chapter Leaders

2024-25 Board Members (2-year term)

President: Katherine Ramirez

Treasurer: Suzy Hoffman

Secretary: Treasurer: Barb Delgadillo

Golf Leagues and Education Director: Avery Mayne 

Golf and Events Director: Samantha Andrews

Membership: Mary Dziewiontoski


  • President: 2-year term
  • Treasurer:  2-year term
  • Secretary: 2-year term

2024-25 Nominations

We are asking for people to submit officer nominations for President, Secretary, Sponsorship, Marketing, Membership, Leagues and Treasurer by August 31, 2024.  We will run an election for President and other officers, if needed, in the month of September, 2024.  Please submit your nominations to

We will seek volunteers to serve on committees once the new Board is installed. 

Include the following in your Nomination Email:

  • Name of nominee(s)
  • Position(s) nominating for nominee(s)
  • Briefly include why you are nominating this individual and any experience relevant to the position. 

Send to by August 31, 2024.

We hope everyone enjoys the leagues, events, and social opportunities.  We take time in the Fall every two years to bring in new volunteers to help keep these fun and rewarding times to our entire membership. Each year we are rewarded with more members to network, compete, and make new friends.

In recent years, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association listened to feedback from its leaders on what was holding us back from enjoying the game we all love.  We have struggled to have a full board of directors, as have many other chapters. 

We are volunteers trying to navigate a model that is outdated and lacks the convenience our volunteers deserve.  Our need for volunteers was becoming more than most of us could offer.  Volunteering should be a fun and rewarding experience.  We love this game and want our members to enjoy the benefits, but we are bogged down by many responsibilities.  Corporate rolled out a new reduced board model in 2020 to help reduce these burdens.  

The new model allows for a minimum of three officers and three directors. The officers can serve as the directors. The positions are 2-year terms with an optional 2nd term for a total of 4 years. The membership will vote on the President position. If there is more than one candidate for the director positions, than the membership will vote for the director position. If there is only one candidate, then the officers and directors can approve the candidate. 

The directors are responsible for the overall management and establishing strategy for the chapter. The officers will take on the routine operations. President, Secretary, and Treasurer are officers. President has to be one of the directors.  We will have three (3) committees to assist in the events, membership, and marketing. The intention is to make it easier for everyone involved, as well as offering more member involvement.  It could be as easy as taking pictures at an event or tallying the scores or for those that enjoy speaking or possibly even updating the website. On every level we are a team and this is the model to get there. 

Contact anyone on the board by emailing LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Milwaukee Chapter Board.

Chapter Sponsors & Partners