Local Benefits

Thirsty Thursday will be held monthly on the third Thursday throughout the year.   These social events will be held at different venues across the Fort Worth area.  So keep a lookout for a Thirsty Thursday near you.   Often times our sponsors will share about their products and/or services.  And what a fun , easy way to get to know new members.
Sign up on Golf Genius by the Monday before, only cost is what you drink & eat! 
Various members host this event.

Hole In One Club 
Pay $5 to any board member or send your $5 thru Zelle tofinance@lpgaamateursfortworth.com.
Join this group of ladies - 20 to date!

Terry Rolan                            Jeri PhillipsDiana Gats
Maribeth FletcherSue SteffenDebbie Hatten
Natasha HawesLaurie WarfieldLynn Morris
Donna DoddCindy CampbellDani Cornell
Jeannen ProvostKelli KiddLauren Larson
June ThompsonTami BoppMargaret Woods
Patricia MuschPeggy Johnson 

LPGA FTW Hole in One 2021



The "2-CLUB," is where you become a member by scoring a two when playing with a "2-CLUB" member of the Fort Worth Chapter.

Jeri Phillips               Cindy CampbellDebbie HattenMargaret WoodsPatti Bartholomew 
Tami BoppSusan TaylorDiana GatsTerry RolanCarrie Stewbart
Chapter Sponsors & Partners