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  • 2023 HamBurGirls Season Closer

    Thank you to all the members who came out to our Season Closer!  There was fun golf, a players gift that included (from the Chapter) an enamelled ball marker with our logo on it, some tasty appetizers and a lot of door prizes!

    Our Team was ecstatic to see everyone having such a good time and our hard work had paid off.  So at this time, we’d like to thank all of our sponsors and Team members.

    But first some shout outs to our Board and Chairs who made this Chapter’s season such a success.

    Thank you:

    • Susan Strong (Board Member) for taking on the Secretarial role, her contributions to the Chapter (excellent minutes), and her idea of doing the Celebration of Achievements throughout the summer. 
    • Dora Lomax for her years of service on arranging all the tee times with each of the courses we play at, then scheduling it all on Golf Genius and sending out the tee times (and re-arranging tee times when players cancelled).  Dora has been a solid contribution to the running of the most important aspect of this Chapter - the golf.  We are really going to miss Dora in 2024 as she plans to retire from Golf Genius and just plain golf!
    • Natalie Laforet for taking on the Membership Chair role after I became President.  What can I say other than we are at 98 members.  A phenomenal increase in our Membership in 2023!  Also, personally to Natalie, as Past President, you’ve been valuable to me in guiding me through this first year as President.  
    • Dale Skvereckas for handling the Honey Pot this season, Handicap verifications for those tournaments where handicaps were used to determine low net winners. Also for contacting new members to determine if they’d like to buy the handicap membership through us.  It goes without saying that the Ontario Events Committee and GTA/HB Chapter Championship cannot thank you enough for all your time spent at the registration desk and such at almost all of the tournaments.  Last but not least, thank you for the golf balls that were part of the gift to the Celebration of Achievement winners
    • Anne Marie Peirce for handling the newsletters this year.  Her eloquence in the written word (and editing my stuff) is what makes the newsletter a great source of getting information out to our members.

    Now to our Sponsors that also helped make our Season Closer a wonderful success.

    Thank you:

    Flamborough Hills - to Nigel Bowerman, the people in the pro shop and the restaurant staff, for some great golf on a beautiful course and a tasty menu in the dining room!  And a special shout out to Randy who lined up our carts in a way that made me smile and feel excited about our event.

    Member - Patricia Butt and Grand HVAC Leasing company.

    Member - Alex Fricker

    Member - Jan Villeneuve

    Gil Garbus and Faraway Greens - Burlington

    The City of Hamilton and Chedoke Golf Course

    Erin at Energy Sports Medicine

    Albatross Golf Centre - Ancaster

    Member - Tania Clancy and Straight to Fit

    Member - Katy Moore and Katy Moore Wines

    Please click here to view all the photos from the event!

    Years ago when EGA changed to LPGA Amateurs, the members at that time were given these great bag tags by HQ. We somehow ended up with 8 leftover in our collection of swag.  They are kind of precious because they are a one-of now as they don't sell them and that was the only run they did of them.  But we had 8 left and what better way to award the top Celebration of Golf Achievement members based on their successes - big & small - on the course.  


    Sue Berlinguette - her consistent determination and work have paid off to hit longer drives on the fairway by the end of our season (28-Aug). Congratulations!

    Karen Bird - receives an award for course management. She thinks ahead, uses strategies to try to have her shots go in the place most likely to have success (Aug). Also, for her consistent performance, even under pressure at the last hole making impressive chips that land and sit on green (18-Sept) Congratulations!

    Jacinthe Boudreau: on Jun 26th, she was looking to achieve a game with at least one bogie, and behold that day she made two bogeys and a par. I hope you continue to surprise yourself. Congratulations!

    Barb Busing: she was nominated twice for her unwavering good humour and on-going support of her team mates (Jun & Sept 18th) Congratulations!

    Alex Fricker: she receives an award for the most improved player who is constantly challenging herself (e.g., she entered her first tournament with a handicap). She regularly used that driving range to strategically focus on single aspects of her game and then took it to the game. Congratulations!

    Chessa Jope:  A gal with persistence. We could learn a lot about making recoveries from her and keeping our focus right to the end, including making those very long puts (28-Aug). Congratulations!

    Asia Shin: An award for her consistent set-up that allows for those consistent precise strokes. (26 Jun) Another person to watch. Congratulations!

    Judy St James: an award for her club selection and approach shots that have been landing just a few feet from the pin (28-Aug); Drives have really improved (18-Sept) Congratulations!

    See you all next season, or sooner given the good golf weather we're having!

  • 2023 LPGA Amateurs Ontario Trillium Challenge

    Well, the 2023 LPGA Amateurs Ontario Trillium Challenge Event is in the bag for this year! We had a beautiful day for it (the 2 sprinkles don't even count as rain) at Flamborough Hills Golf Club.  27 holes in 3 different formats was the Challenge - a Scramble on the Woods course, Alternate Shot on the Lakes course and Better Ball on the Hills course.  It did make for a long round, but what with the good weather and beautiful course there wasn't any complaints.  Even I made it through 27 holes!   

    The Players Gift was a Know Your Distance Yardage Bag Tag, a Mini Moscow Mule Mug (say that 4 times fast!) and a can of Ginger Beer and lime at the start of the Lakes course.

    Low Net Winners over all 3 formats:

    1st - Barbara Van Sickle from Hamilton Burlington and her guest, Nancy Chow (score of 99)

    2nd - Michele Walma from Barrie Area Chapter and June Layden from Waterloo Chapter (score of 103)

    3rd - Anne Stubbings from York-Simcoe Chapter and Ailene MacDougall from Barrie Area Chapter


    On Course Prize Winners:

    Woods 2 Honey Pot - Wendy Anderson

    Woods 5 Circle of Friendship - Maria Szoke from GTA Chapter

    Woods 6 Closest to the Line - Sue Anderson

    Woods 9 Longest Putt - Dora Lomax from our Chapter

    Lakes 2 Honey Pot - Louisa Qian

    Lakes 8 Longest 2 Shot Distance - Team Lenahan (Kim Lenahan and Susan Andrew)

    Hills 3 Honey Pot - Anne Hussey

    Hills 7 Longest Drive - Lauren Capunitan

    Hills 9 Longest Putt - Janet Canavan from our Chapter

    Raffle Prize Winners

    Lyndsey Teschke from Waterloo Chapter took home the Smashing the Grass Ceiling golf bag, Fareen Samji's book and a 1/2 hour lesson.    Thank you again Far for your most generous donation to our event. 

    Berniece Ten Brinke from our Chapter took home the $150 Gift Certificate from Kandy Golf.  Thank you Kandy Golf for your generous donation to our event.

    The Foursome of Golf from Flamborough Hills was unclaimed.

    Thank you

    • To all of our HamBurGirls who represented our Chapter for this event - Angie, LeahAnn, Janet, Deb, Natalie, Susan, Bernice, Wendy, Donna, Dora, Shelley, Lisa and Barb's Van Sickle, Montesanto and Busing!
    • To the Ontario Events Committee for all the hard work that went into the organization of this tournament, as well the Scramble Open at Nottawasaga back in May - Megan Bawn (YS), Alison Munro (GTA), Debra Moore (Waterloo), Michele Walma (Barrie Area), Susan Cox (Durham) and Deb Kucheran (Hamilton-Burlington)
    • To our volunteers - these events simply would not be possible without your donation of time and help - Dale Skvereckas (HB), Michele Irvine (GTA), Linda Lee (GTA) and Eleanor Harris-Hammerstedt (GTA/HB).  A very special thank you to Dale who took up the reins while the Events Committee were all out playing golf - Dale was there before 8am to help set up registration, brought us all some breakfast goodies, delivered the ginger beer out to Lakes 1, and took over Pace of Play when Eleanor had to book off.  You are our star volunteer Dale!
    • To Michele Irvine for doing the photography as well as starting everyone off at the first hole of Woods.


    To see where everyone placed, click here and then click on Trillium Challenge

    The Players Gift

    A lot of work prior to and in getting the registration table set up with the raffle prizes, and showing off some of the On-Course prizes.

    Each Chapter donates a prize for the 2 events put on by Ontario Events Committee - we donated a 'basket of booze' - Fireball whisky, shots and a flask.  This was won by Team Lenahan - Sue and Kim)

    Pineapple Express - Angie Lundquist and LeahAnn DuffieldD

    Tee for Two - Donna Chun and Dora Lomax

    Team Canavan - Janet Canavan and her guest, Cathy

    Bunker Blondes - Bernice Ten Brinke and Wendy Cox

    Queen Bees - Barb Montesanto and Barbara Busing

    Fairway Friends - Natalie Laforet and Susan Strong

    Deb Squared - Deb Kucheran and Debra Moore from Waterloo/Durham Chapter

    Ladies of Celarin - Barb Van Sickle and her guest, Nancy Chow

    8am and it's get ready for the players arriving! Left to Right - Megan Bawn, Ontario President and Events Committee, Alison Munro, Player Development for GTA and Events Committee and Dale Skvereckas, our Volunteer Extraordinaire.

    We did it - 27 holes and easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    And last but not least - 1st Place in the 2023 Trillium Challenge - Barbara Van Sickle and her guest, Nancy Chow.

  • Celebration of Golf Achievements

    This season, to encourage and support player development in a positive learning culture, we plan to publicly acknowledge individual achievements. On the days we are at Flamborough Hills, you will receive a sheet from the Course Starter to write down a special golf achievement for that day for one member of your foursome.  A golf achievement is defined broadly and specific to what is a challenge for that person. A few examples include:

    • not losing a ball over 9 holes
    • successfully using a club that had been sitting in their bag unused
    • hitting on the green and not having it roll off
    • first time missed all the bunkers, or chip on from a bunker
    • made a birdie, make a one-put, or drive a par three in one shot
    • not scoring an 8 for the day

    Please hand your completed sheets to Susan Strong (Secretary) or Dale Skvereckas (Handicap Liaison) at the clubhouse. These will be read aloud to the group over drinks/food while sharing our golfing stories on Monday nights.  

    The Celebration of Golf Achievements will continue every other Monday played at Flamborough Hills.  The dates are: July 24; Aug 7, 28; Sept 18.  We can’t wait to see where the conversations take us as we encourage and celebrate our successes!

    Achievements Celebrated:

    26-Jun-2023 Nominations:

    • Asia Shin – Made a par and another hole on in 2 with 2 puts
    • Sue Murdza – Was on the fairway consistently
    • Natalie Laforet – Hit the fairway on Hills hole 9; her nemesis
    • Deb Kucheran put those lessons to good work with a great chip onto the green in the last hole
    • Jacinthe Boudreau – Had a dream run, making par on Hills hole 6 and 2 bogeys!

    3-July-2023 Nominations:

    • Eleanore Harris-Hammerstedt - Made a birdie!
    • Siobhan Dooley – Did it! She hit over water! On top, she missed all bunkers and team nominated her as an excellent team sports person
    • LeahAnn Duffield – Had amazing drives today (a 230 yd drive) and 2 birdies!

  • Honey Pot Draws

    Just an update to the Honey Pot draws at Flamborough Hills.  Inside the door to your right when you come into the pro shop is where you will find the Honey Pot.  If you wish to enter, please put your name down on the list, put your $2.00 into the box, and that's it. 
    If you do hit your ball off the tee onto the designated green, then put your name on the proximity marker to the side of the green.  Remember, it's not about being closest to the pin, it's just if you land on the green (fringe part is excluded).  All players who land on the green should add their name to the marker. 

    After the end of the round, a draw will be done from the names on the Honey Pot list.  The Prize is a 50/50 draw, so 50% of the intake will be awarded to the person whose name has been drawn, and you do not have to be in attendance to win.  If you've already gone home, we will e-transfer the award to you.

    Based on the positive feedback, the draws will continue on every Monday played at Flamborough Hills - July 17, 24, 31; Aug 7, 21, 28; Sept 4, 18.

    Lucky Winners:

    • Sherri Smithson - $20
    • LeahAnn Duffield - $21

  • New Members & Meet & Greet Pics from Faraway Greens

    Welcome New HamBurGirls

    Angela Capponi

    Bernice Ten Brinke

    Cindy Andrushko

    Eleanor Harris-Hammerstedt

    Jordan Kaupert

    Mable Tao

    Sandra Gardner

    Susan Berlinguette

    This now brings our post pandemic, new Member count to an amazing 31 new Members and 3, count 'em, 3 Members who rejoined us.  Thank you to all of you for joining, we hope you enjoy your first season with us.

    Meet & Greet at Faraway Greens

    Other than the fact that we were sweltering inside from the heat and no A/C, we had a fantastic turn out and a good time meeting old and new members alike.

    In spite of the warmth, we were glad to see that a few of the ladies make use of the simulators to hit a few balls. And we all made a dent into the massive amount of delicious pizza and appetizers. Shelley Speal thank you so much for arranging the food and delivering it. Very much appreciated by all.

    The one thing I'm personally excited about by our Chapter lately is the "Connect" part of the LPGA Amateurs logo.

    Because of the connections made through social media and such, our list of door prizes for this event shows our celebration and support of women in golf and small business entrepreneurs:

    • A fitness package from Tania Clancy of (who is a Member)
    • 2 hours of simulator time from Faraway Greens,
    • A hat and golf shirt from Kristen Bun of (and who was so impressed by our group, she plans to become a HamBurGirl)
    • A gift basket from Edith Burnett of (not a member but very good friend of a Member)
    • $25 Baranga's on the Beach gift certificate
    • Footjoy Shoe Bag







  • And a few more New members

  • New Members March 2023

  • New Members 03.03.2023

  • February New Members

  • 2023 New Members!

  • Welcome Fareen (Far) Samji!

    Not only a donator to the cause, we welcome our newest member Fareen Samji to the HamBurGirls. 

    Far was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya and she came to Canada at the age of 14 to further her education. She graduated from McMaster University with degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology. She is an entrepreneur and works in the field of event management, orthotics, orthopedic footwear, compression therapy and bracing. She is also the founder and creator of Pythons’ Pit, a not for profit entrepreneurial pitch contest for high school. And a hell of a golfer!

    As the intent of a complimentary membership is to recognize an individual in the local community who are in a position to and are willing to promote LPGA Amateurs and the local Chapter. Far fits this bill perfectly. We look forward to a mutually beneficial contribution to our association and women in golf.

    Far has donated the grand raffle prize you see on the Homepage to our Season Closer.  Members be sure to buy your tickets.

    Welcome Far!

    Pictured: Far Samji (left) Shelley Speal (right).



  • 2022 Championship & Fun Day

    What a fantastic day for a tournament.  A little hot but the golfing was great! 

    Thank you to those who donated prizes, and the members who made these connections for us, and thank you to Amra Janjusevic and Donna Chun for the players’ gifts - an Amra Architect cooling towel, pink golf ball and tees

    Low Gross - Michelle Hoad 

    Winners, Etc Gift Card -donated by John Chun of Scarlett Homes Ltd

    1st Low Net - Anne Bermingham 

    Canadian Tire Gift Card - donated by Josh Santa-Barbara of JSB Wealth Management 

    2nd Low Net - Michelle Austin 

    Barranga’s Gift Card & sleeve of balls - donated by Bell Media Hamilton 

    3rd Low Net - Donna Chun

    Barranga’s Gift Card & sleeve of balls - donated by Bell Media Hamilton

    Fun Division - Alex Fricker

    Scentsy Gift Collection  & LPGA Amateurs - Hamilton Burlington club head cover & hat clip - donated by Terri-Lynn Jeavons, Scentsy Rep

    Closest to the Pin - Angie Lundquist

    $25 Golftown Gift Card

    Donna Chun accepting the prize for 3rd Low Net



    Alex Fricker accepting the prize for the Fun Division draw

    Angie Lundquist accepting the prize for Closest to the Pin

  • More New Members

  • New Members in June!

  • Welcome New Members!

    • Karen Lomax from Mount Hope - Karen is our League Chair's sister-in-law and is anxious to get out golfing this season.
    • Nancy Vince from Toronto - Nancy joined the GTA chapter in April and chose us as her additional chapter to golf with.
    • Judith Grimm from Toronto - Judith also joined us in April and chose us as her additional chapter.
    • Lori Libbenga from Burlington - Lori joined us in April and was referred by her friend, our member, Jennifer Simpson.
    • Joanne Agro from Hamilton - Joanne joined in April and was referred by her friend, our member, Donna Hood.
    • Carolyn Beard from Cambridge MA - Carolyn is our newest Young Professional who added us as a secondary chapter.  Boston is her primary chapter and she also joined the NY and GTA chapters.
    We look forward to meeting and golfing with each of you!!!

  • Welcome New Members

  • Amateur Long Drive Canada Competition

    On February 13th, our very own LeahAnn Duffield attended the local Amateur Long Drive Canada competition held at FarAway Greens Indoor Golf in Burlington, and won the Women's 45+ Division, with a drive of 212 yards.  Congrats LeahAnn!

    LeahAnn was in good company with some fellow LPGA Amateurs members,

    • Lori Danecke (Waterloo) who came second in the 45+ division with a drive of 211 yards,
    • Alison Munro (GTA), who won the 60+ division with a drive of 244 yards,
    • Kelly Rudney (Waterloo), who placed first in the Open Division with a drive of 329 yards

    Fareen Samji, seen here giving out the prizes, is the Golf Instructor at FarAway Greens, as well, the Golf Teaching Pro at Within Range Golf Centre in Burlington.

  • Welcome New Members!

  • BC Flooding

  • Keeping it Going at Faraway Greens

    Some members all joined the Faraway Greens Indoor Fall Golf Women's League without knowing whom else had signed up!  It's good to have some LPGA Amateurs representation, but with a maximum of 20 people per, the league is full.  For the winter league starting in January, priority will be given to those who played in the fall league, but contact Gil at Faraway Greens to see if there is space in the next winter league.

    Having really fast ball speed helps with distance! And our Leah-Ann has it in spades!

    A really nasty bit of rough at Pebble Beach.