Boston Chapter
Chapter Policies

LPGA Amateurs Boston Chapter Event Policies

Cancellation Policy
A $5 fee will be charged for all cancellations (except as noted below).

Refund Policy
Cancellation Prior to Event Registration Deadline: Full refund minus the $5 Cancellation fee.

Cancellation After Event Registration Deadline
: Full refund minus the $5 Cancellation fee only if one of the following occurs:

  • A player on the Wait List takes your place
  • The golf course does not charge the chapter for your booking
  • The event is canceled due to low enrollment (Cancellation fee will not be charged in this case)

If you need to cancel prior to the event registration deadline, click Edit Registration to process your own cancellation. If you need to cancel after registration closes, please contact the Events Director at

Wait List Policy
Prior to Event Registration Deadline: You can choose to be on the Wait List. If a spot opens up, you will automatically be registered and your credit card will be charged.

If you are on the Wait List and decide not to attend the event, it is your responsibility to remove your name from the Wait List by editing your registration to avoid being automatically registered.

After Event Registration Deadline: To be added or removed from the Wait List, please contact the Events Director at

Inclement Weather Policy
Events will be canceled ONLY if the course closes due to unplayable or dangerous conditions. The Event Coordinator will notify players of cancellation via email as early as possible on the day of the event.  Please don’t call the course directly.

Every attempt will be made to reschedule the event. You will receive a full refund if you
cannot play on the rescheduled date (Cancellation fee will not be charged in this case).

If you choose not to play and the course is open, the Refund Policy will apply.

Rules of Play Policy
Our mission is to provide a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for all golfers.  
Our leagues draw players from all skill levels.  
The following rules of play are intended to help make your LPGA Amateurs Boston experience a wonderful one.

Pace of Play Policy

  • Plan your next shot while walking towards your ball or while others are playing.
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • Walk briskly between shots.
  • Walk directly to your ball; only follow others if assisting in looking for a lost ball
  • If riding, take several clubs with you to your ball so you do not need to walk back to your cart.
  • Take only one practice swing.
  • Play a provisional ball if you think your original may be out of play.  Be sure to announce your intention to do so.
  • Leave your clubs/cart on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee.
  • Exit the putting green promptly after holing out.
  • Be aware of the specific rules at the course you are playing (cell phones, dress code, local rules)
  • Put an identification mark on your ball and know what you are playing
  • Always play without delay and keep up with the group in front.
  • Invite faster groups to play through.
  • Do not move or talk near a player about to make a stroke.
  • Don’t step on another player’s line of putt.
  • Don’t play until the group in front of you is out of the way.
  • Shout a warning if your ball might hit someone – “FORE”
  • Repair divot holes and ball marks. Smooth footprints in the bunkers.
  • Leave the course in the condition you would like to find it.

Order of Play
Play “READY GOLF”. Hit the ball when you are ready as long as you can safely do so.  Do not focus on who has the honors to hit first.

Refer to your copy (book, app or web site) of the USGA Rules of Golf

Have Fun!
Be Nice!
Golf is a Game!