Interested in getting more involved with the Boston chapter? 

Elections come up every year in September for our chapter Board of Directors. Based on your feedback from prior years we want to provide more information about how the elections work and also different ways you can volunteer to support this chapter. In the coming weeks we will be sending a series of emails to active members about lots of ways to volunteer, what our different volunteer committees do, role descriptions for the elected Board positions and how the elections work.  Take a look at the President Spotlight below!

If you have any specific questions, please let us know and we'll get them answered! 


LPGA Amateurs Boston is a 100% volunteer organization that needs your talent.

Why Volunteer? It is a great way to ...

To give back to an organization which has helped you.

To gain leadership experience which can help your career.

To enrich your life through golf.

To help enrich other women's lives through golf.

To meet more members outside your league



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