Boston Chapter

We heard you're great at chipping in!
LPGA Amateurs Boston is a 100% volunteer organization that needs your talent.

Why Volunteer? It is a great way ...

  • To give back to an organization which has helped you.

  • To gain leadership experience which can help your career.

  • To enrich your life through golf.

  • To help enrich other women's lives through golf.

  • To meet more members outside your league


You don’t have to be a Board Member to make a contribution! There are other ways you can make a difference such as joining one of the teams listed below. Like all things in life, you get back what you give, and as an all-volunteer organization, our chapter needs you!

No matter how much time you have we can put your talents to good use. There are many opportunities for you to contribute:

Membership Team – Assist in planning our events for our new members and send welcoming letters.

Sponsorship Team – Assist in obtaining sponsorship funds, non-dues revenue, and in-kind support necessary for the operation of the chapter

Communication Team – Assist with the production and distribution of the Chapter Newsletter, Chapter Website and social media engagement with our members.

Event Coordinator – Coordinate one of our weekend events.

Golf Education Team – Help organize our golf clinics and skill development program for our new and experienced members

Leadership Team – Build and maintaining a pool of member volunteers for Chapter Events and identify leadership candidates for chapter succession planning.

Kickoff and End of Season Team - Help with Event Planning, venue, menu, speakers, prizes and activities for our two largest events of the season!

If you are interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities, please email the Volunteer Coordinator