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Cathy MacPherson, LPGA Teaching Professional - World Wide

Golf Channel Academy Lead Instructor
Golf Digest Best In State 2019/20

Cell: 508-284-8180

Follow me on twitter @cathymacpherson


  • Who can’t benefit from golf tips…everyone! I will post every few weeks. These are from Cathy 😊

GOLF TIP – Balanced Stance

Having an athletic stance is key in supporting the golf swing. So, what is a balanced athletic stance? Here are a few quick keys to set you up for a more athletic stance.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Slightly flex your knees. Bend from the hips rather than from the waist. The waist is up near your belly button and your hips are the area where your pants crease when you lift up your leg.  

If you want a physical cue for your bend at the hips, take a club and press it horizontally against your thighs and slide it up to where your pants crease when you lift your leg. Find this spot with the shaft and bend over from there. Then, take the club and place it in your hands correctly, letting the arms hang below your shoulders.

Lean slightly toward the balls of the feet, but not on the toes!

In this position, you could play most any sport. If someone told you to drop the club and stay in that position, they could hand you a tennis racket and you would be in a balanced athletic position. You could drop the racket and catch a box that is dropped from overhead. 

It is all about balance. If your stance is solid, you have a great base for a great swing. Being out of balance at address can contribute to swing flaws and cause unwanted ball flight. So, start here and improve your ball flight, your balance and your finish! Speaking of balance, we all need some more flexibility and Yoga in our lives.

Check out Victoria Huebner’s Yoga for Golf flyer. She has been kind enough to offer a few stretches and tips before the Sunday, April 28th event. I hope to schedule a few more during one of our Saturday events!!





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