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Information on Handicaps

Basically, all you need to know is: Get a handicap, play golf, and post your scores daily hole by hole.

There are a lot of calculations that go into determining your handicap. Most of these happen behind the scenes. If you want to enter your total score for a round instead of hole by hole, make sure you review some of these rules of handicaps to do it properly.

Here are some basics.  A handicap, or handicap index enables golfers of different abilities, age, and sex to play and compete on a fair basis, in any format, on any course, and anywhere around the world as the USGA just implemented the World Handicapping System. 

The most common reason for getting a handicap index is for use in competitions.   Many of you participate in leagues or Mass Golf Member Days and tournaments. Most require a handicap index to play. 

If you don’t compete, it’s still useful to get a handicap index. It’s a good tool to watch your progress over the season and feel good about your successes.  Tracking your scores pushes you to improve and because you must enter a valid score, it teaches you to pay more attention to and learn the rules of golf and handicaps.  It also makes a friendly match more fun.  It’s exciting when the winner of the ice cream is not determined until the last putt. 

To obtain a Mass Golf GHIN number click the link above this article. Those of you who need to renew your Mass Golf GHIN, should also use this link each year. To post scores, use massgolf.org, ghin.com or the GHIN app.

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