Omaha NE Chapter
Chapter Policies

All subs must be a paid up  member of LPGA Amateurs Golf Association and a  paid up member of any Omaha league, including league captains.


Advance payment by credit card or bank account through PayPal is required at the time reservation is made. Exception to this policy must be arranged in advance in order to pay upon arrival. If you have arranged to pay at the door on the day of the event, and you do not attend, you will be billed. If you have paid in advance and cannot attend, your money will NOT BE REFUNDED unless  you have notified the point of contact for the specific event at least seven calendar days in advance of the event OR before the venue, course or instructor has been paid.   
We consider all guests to be prospective LPGA Amateurs Omaha members and encourage you to sign up your friends, colleagues and family members (male  or female) for LPGA Amateurs Omaha events (no leagues).  The exception to this is for our out-of-town weekend events where guests are welcome to attend all event days scheduled for that weekend (typically 3 days scheduled per weekend event).If there are limited slots available for an event, members will be given priority over guests.If you have any questions about this policy, please contact our President by sending email to
Cancellation PolicyMuch time and energy go into the preparation and execution of these activities.  Our contractual agreements with our courses, teachers & social venues often require us to notify them of the number of participants up to three weeks prior to the activity.  We are then contractually obligated to pay for that number of participants. Contact the golf course for weather related cancellations.
Weekly Play or League:  No refunds will be given for Weekly or League Play.  If the golfer cannot play, it will be the responsibility of the golfer to find a substitute and collect the green fees from them if they want reimbursement.  The League Coordinator (Captain) will have a list of possible substitutes or the golfer can find her own  substitute( must be a chapter member)
Pace of PlayNo one likes a six-hour round of golf even on a warm sunny day. Let's do our part to maintain an acceptable pace of play while out on the course. This will maximize the enjoyment for everyone on the course and to set a favorable impression of the LPGA Amateurs Omaha wherever we hold events and leagues.Please follow these pace-of-play guidelines and pass them on to newer golfers in your foursome who may be unaware of these tips to keep the game moving.Focus on keeping up with the group in front of you, NOT staying ahead of the group behind you. If the green in front of you is empty, pick up your pace of play.