We have a chapter within the Nebraska Golf Association (NGA) that will allow us to enter our scores and maintain our handicaps....if so desired.

This is not mandatory, but if you plan to compete, you must have an established handicap. This is also a great way to track your game to see if you're improving. 

Questions you may have:
  1. How do we register for the new handicap system?

    Must have renewed your LPGAA membership first.

  2. Click here: Register for Handicap System

  3. How much will it cost?
    1. $26  for the 2024 season

    Questions you may have:


    ➡️  Will it automatically bring our old handicaps over?

    Yes, providing you utilize the same ID that was used previously.

    Please take note of the ID number for when you sign up in January.

    ➡️  Why do we have to pay now when we didn't in the past?

     In the past, it was included as part of our memberships. Due to a change in the rules, handicaps can now only be issued at the state level.

    ➡️Who will manage the handicap system if we have questions or need a revision?

    We have a Handicap Chair Person.

    BONUS: Another benefit is for tournaments and leagues- we can bring your handicap over automatically.

    Also, if you make a mistake- we can help fix it (it happens more than you think! that is worth $24❣️)



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