Chapter Education

For those who are just taking up the game, coming back after an absence or just want a tune-up, we encourage members and potential members to seek instruction from a qualified LPGA Teaching and Club Professional, PGA Professional or other qualified golf instructor. Omaha Chapter does offer some basic clinics that members are invited to sign up to attend. Bring your own clubs to the course.

2022 Clinic Schedule

Mar 24th, 5:30pm: Golf 101

Apr 23rd, 10:00am: Putting:

May 5th, 5:30pm: Pitching:

May 7th, 10:00am: Chipping:

May 19th, 5:30pm: Irons:

May 21st, 10:00am: Woods, Hybrids, & Drivers:

June 2nd, 5:30pm: Chipping: Register Now

June 4th, 10:00am: Pitching: Register Now

June 16th, 5:30pm: Woods, Hybrids, & Drivers

June 18th, 10:00am: Irons






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