Chapter Policies
Chapter Policies:
(Updated 3/20/2022)

LPGA Amateurs Columbus strives to create a fun, welcoming and all-inclusive environment for current and potential members, sponsors and guests regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, career choice or golf ability. 

LPGA Amateurs Columbus will promote and foster a spirit of acceptance, dignity and respect for women golfers through chapter activities, educational programs, golf and networking events.

LPGA Amateurs Columbus members are encouraged to play with people they don’t already know, to make new connections and provide new experiences.


Participation in an LPGA Amateurs Columbus Chapter member event, league, or educational series is open to Columbus Chapter members-in-good-standing who are female* amateur golfers. 

Member-in-Good-Standing:  Includes LPGA Amateurs Columbus members with a current membership processed and on record at LPGA Amateurs Headquarters. This does not include Virtual Members as these members are not eligible to compete in Association events.

Amateur Status: All players must conform to the USGA Rules of Amateur Status.  Players must not have received remuneration other than as specified as acceptable by the USGA Rules of Amateur Status.

*LPGA Amateurs Gender Policy applies.


Participation in an LPGA Amateurs Columbus Chapter event, league, educational series, or social function requires pre-registration using the appropriate online registration and payment process. This registration must be completed by the posted deadline. Registration links are typically e-mailed to members and/or posted on the website.

Event registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Golf Events, Educational Series, Non-Golf Events: The registrant must contact the event coordinator no later than the registration deadline to cancel registration and determine if a refund is possible. Refunds are not available if the Chapter has made payment to the facility. Cancellations after the specified deadline may be subject to a Late Cancellation fee.

Weekly Leagues:  League fees are non-refundable once league numbers have been guaranteed to the golf course, approximately 2 weeks prior to the first week of league play. Refunds requested prior to the deadline will be processed less a cancellation fee to cover administrative expenses.


Unless indicated otherwise, prospective-member guests are eligible to attend two (2) events and are then requested to join LPGA Amateur Golf Association to participate in additional events.

Golf Events: Prospective-member guests/non-members are welcome to participate as noted in the Event Information. There may be a cost differential for guests/non-members. 

Educational Opportunities:  Members have priority registration and events may be opened to prospective-member guests or non-members if there is space available. There may be a cost differential for guests/non-members.

Non-Golf Events:  Prospective-member guests, or general guests are welcome to attend non-golf events as noted in the event information. There may be a cost differential for guests/non-members.

Weekly Leagues:  Leagues are a member-only activity, unless otherwise noted by specific communication from the Chapter. Weekend Travel League events are member / prospective-member guest events, unless otherwise noted in the specific event information.


Leagues: if a League date is rained out, the rain check policy for that golf course applies. The League Captain, working with the course staff, will determine when a rain-out is to be called and will notify league members. The League Captain will work with the golf course to determine if a rain check will be given or if the date will be rescheduled.    

Events: LPGA Amateurs Columbus will make every effort not to cancel events. If an event is cancelled, members will be notified as soon as practical. Registration fees will be refunded to the participants.

For golf events: if play has begun, refunds will be given only if the golf course agrees to refund the chapter. Rain checks may be issued by the course to be used later by the golfer, independent of an LPGA Amateurs Columbus event, or the event may be rescheduled for a later date.


In 2013, we introduced a Volunteer Recognition Program as a way to reward members for donating time and energy to the Chapter and events. Whether it is working on an event, committee, helping with day-to-day administrative tasks or being our photographer, we want to give you token(s) of our appreciation. We call them “Birdie Bucks”. 

Volunteers may redeem Birdie Bucks in $5 increments at qualifying Chapter events.  Chapter Board members earn 25 Birdie Bucks for serving on the board, they may not earn other Birdie Bucks for activities specific to their board position. 


All Columbus LPGA Amateurs Golf Association Leagues and Golf Events are expected to follow all federal, state, local, golf course, and chapter specific directives to ensure our players can participate in a safe environment. Players participate at their own risk

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The purpose of the Handicap Committee is to ensure LPGA Amateurs Columbus maintains a solid reputation of integrity and good standing within the Central Ohio and LPGA Amateurs golfing communities.  The roles and responsibilities for the Handicap Committee and Chapter Members responsibilities are described.  Click HERE.


Any non-members participating in an LPGA Amateurs Columbus Golf Event are required to sign a Chapter Event Waiver, Release, And Indemnification Agreement. Forms will be available at any event where non-members can participate or provided during the registration process for such events.

LPGA Amateurs Members automatically acknowledge this release and indemnification when they join or renew.


The chapter may promote external golf-related events that do not conflict with Chapter events, if sponsored by or referred by a member or current sponsor.  These events will be posted in the Chapter Newsletter.


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