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Season Finale 2022 - Game Night! 

Join us to send the 2022 season off with a bang!   It’s our turn to host game night and we hope you can join to help us solve the mystery on the golf course!  That’s right, the board game is CLUE and we need your teams’ help to solve whodunit! 

Grab the Sherlock to your Holmes, the Shaggy to your Scooby, or your fellow Nancy Drews’ as we have a murder to solve!

Game Night Schedule of Events:

  • Blacklick Woods Golf Course,
  • Sunday, October 9th
  • 11:45am: Registration Opens
  • Golf Format:  4 Detectives Scramble

This year, we are offering two options for the end of the year party! Join us for the program and lunch only:  $15 per member OR join us for the program, lunch and 18 hole scramble:  $40 per member.

So grab your fellow investigators, get registered, and let’s close the 2022 season!  CLICK HERE for more information and registration links.  NOTE: this is a MEMBERS-ONLY event.

Coming Up:

October and November Recruitment
We’ll be having a social event with more details to follow.

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