How would you like to earn free Golf?

In 2013, we introduced a Volunteer Recognition Program to reward members for donating time and energy to the Chapter and events. Whether it is working on an event, committee, helping with day-to-day administrative tasks or being our photographer, we want to give you token(s) of our appreciation. We call them "Birdie Bucks".

To Earn Birdie Bucks: 

  • Volunteer to help on an event or committee
  • Birdie Bucks (BB) will be tracked by our Volunteer Coordinator in one-hour increments
  • One Hour= $1 Birdie Buck
  • League Captains will earn 20 Birdie Bucks for committing to the season If a league has co-captains, they will share the 20 Birdie Bucks equally
  • Mentors for New Golfer League will earn 3 Birdie Bucks per league night
  • Birdie Bucks balances can be checked online at http://lpgaamateurscolumbus.com under the About Us /Volunteer tab
  • Select a qualifying event; see Exclusions below and event registration
  • Verify your Birdie Bucks balance on the Chapter's website (see above)
  • Submit an email request including the number of BB you want to use prior to registering to the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer.lpgaamateurs.columbus@gmail.com to receive the BB Promo Code for the event
  • Minimum amount to cash-in your Birdie Bucks is $5
  • The redeemable amount will be "rounded down" to the nearest $5 increment (minimum)
  • Use the BB Promo code issued by the Volunteer Coordinator when registering
  • Birdie Bucks that are earned in the current calendar year ending December 31st will expire the following calendar year ending December 31st.
  • Board members will be awarded 25 BB in January of the season they serve on the Board. They may not earn other Birdie Bucks for activities specific to their board position
  • Members who cancel out of an event after the cancellation deadline and for which they have used BB for part, or all, of the event fee will forfeit those BB.

Exclusions that apply:


  • All events that are sponsored by LPGA Amateur Golf Association Headquarters or other Chapter(s)
  • Birdie Bucks may not be used for league fees
  • Members who allow their LPGA Amateur Golf membership to lapse for a season/year or longer forfeit all BB previously earned. The forfeited BB will not be reinstated should these members re-join any time after the lapsed year.



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