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2021 League Information is here.  

Columbus OH 2021 Summer Leagues

The LPGA Amateurs Columbus Chapter is offering 11 weekly afternoon / after work and daytime leagues this summer. To participate in a league, players must first be a member of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and Columbus OH chapter. If you are not a member, you can click here to join (or add the Columbus chapter to your membership). Once you have joined, you would then be eligible to register to play in a league. Players must register and pay the applicable league fee before they can play.

Leagues Information: League play begins the week of April 26, runs for 16 weeks, and is 9-hole play, except for the 18-hole Wednesday and Thursday daytime leagues. Note the New Golfer league starts on May 20 and runs for 12 weeks. Let's Go Play!!

  • Click here to review the 2021 Weekly Leagues information for day, locations, start times, and fees.
  • Click here for the WednesDAY Travel League schedule for 2021.
  • Click here for the ThursDAY Travel League schedule for 2021.

Leagues Registration: General league registration has ended.  New members interested in possible league play should email Georgia Brown, Golf Programs and Services Director at to see if there are any open spots.

  • Members click here to purchase your Multi-League Flex Card for 2021.  See below for details.

League Rules and Flex Play Information

League Rules 

Welcome to the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Columbus, OH Chapter leagues. We hope this will be the start of a fun and exciting season of golf for our members. See below for some key information for league participants. 

All Columbus LPGA Amateurs Golf Association Leagues and Golf Events are expected to follow all federal, state, local, golf course, and chapter specific directives to ensure our players can participate in a safe environment. Players participate at their own risk.

All league players must be members of LPGA Amateurs Columbus OH chapter and your membership must be paid in full for the entire season in order to register and participate in league play.

League play begins the last week of April unless noted otherwise.  Rainouts are determined by the courses (generally) and will be communicated by the league captains.

The leagues’ captains may be putting together pairings for each week so that league members will have a chance to play with everyone.  Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the first tee time and be ready to go our when your assigned group has gathered.

Important Note: Listed times may be slightly adjusted based on participation numbers but shouldn’t vary more than 15 minutes.

If you are unable to play in your league on a given day, it is critical that you notify your captain as far ahead of time as possible. Contact your captain, to let her know you will miss. Click here for the 2021 Captains.

League fees are non-refundable once payment has been made to the courses, which is usually two weeks prior to start dates. 

For Competitive Leagues: Handicapping Rules

  • A player is responsible for posting all acceptable scores before midnight on the day of play.
  • The maximum score on a hole for each player will be limited to a 'Net Double Bogey' calculated as follows: Double Bogey + handicap stokes a player receives based on their Course Handicap.

Flexible (Flex) Play … And What It Means to You

We are pleased to offer two Flexible Play Programs for 2021: League Flex Play and Paid Flex Play for non-league members.

League Flex Play

We are pleased to continue the “League Flex Play” as a benefit that provides the opportunity for those playing in 9-hole leagues to makeup a night you were unable to play on your regularly scheduled league; OR play an extra round on another league night. 

If you cannot play on your regular day/time, you can play on one of the other days in another 9-hole league - if there is an open spot - at no additional cost to you. If desiring to flex into a competitive league you must meet the handicap criteria for that league.

If you are unable to play in your regularly scheduled league you must communicate that opening to your league captain so others can flex into your spot. If everyone registered for a particular night shows up when you are attempting to play a flex round, you will be unable to play. But if there’s course availability, you can choose to stay and pay the green fee directly to the course.   

League Flexibility is a unique benefit to all of you who are committed to league play. All weekday league members except those who only play in the WednesDAY or ThursDAY 18-hole leagues are eligible for League Flex play.  Our goal is to have LPGA Amateur Golf Association tee times filled each week and provide a positive experience for league players.

Please contact the appropriate League Captain to find out whether there are any openings available for flexing. The sooner you contact the Captain, the better. Click here for the 2021 Captains.

If nothing is available when you first inquire, you may ask the Captain to place your name on a wait list in case a spot opens up later. If you find that you will not be able to fill an open slot after all, please contact the Captain as soon as possible to have your name removed from the wait list.

League Flexing is not intended to replace your scheduled league with another league and therefore should not be used on the day/time your regular league is scheduled. League Flex play is only available during the current summer league season and only on scheduled league nights.  

Paid Flex Play

We also offer a program for Columbus Chapter members who are not already part of a weekly 9-hole league – the Multi-League Flex Card.  We invite you to try out our fun 9-hole leagues.

The Multi-league flex card program offers you an opportunity to play in the eligible leagues, after confirming that space is available for play that week. That includes the Airport, Safari, Tuesday Mentel, Wednesday Afternoon Mentel, Wednesday After Work Mentel, Blacklick Competitive, Blacklick social and Champions leagues.


  • Free Flex Play is still available for any paid 9-hole league member.
  • If desiring to flex into a competitive league you must meet the handicap criteria for that league.

When you purchase your Flex Card, you select the number of times you think you will flex throughout the season. The fee includes greens fees only, carts are not included except at Safari where carts are mandatory.

Keep in mind, unused play does not carry over to the next season. The Multi-League Flex "Card" expires at the end of the 2021 Summer League season. After confirming availability with the League Captain, present your email notification as your "card" and proof of payment. Click here for the 2021 Captains.