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LPGA Amateurs Online Webinars for Members
While we continue our social distancing we can remain connected through online resources. Go to the Member Clubhouse, login and select the Webinar/Facebook Live Section to view upcoming live sessions or watch recorded sessions.  

The Facebook Live Events are presented on the LPGA Amateur Golf Association – Members Only Facebook page. This is a private group for current LPGA Amateurs members only and the request to join will be approved by an LPGA Amateurs Staff Member. A Facebook account is needed to join the group.

What is the New World Handicap System (WHS) all about?
Many golfers are still getting used to all the changes to the rules of golf that took effect in January 2019, and now there’s another change—this one to the handicap system.

Before you get too stressed, we're going to review what you need to know over the next few months - getting ready for our golf season.

The World Handicap System (WHS) brings six different handicap systems together into a single set of Rules for Handicapping, enabling golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, no matter how or where they play. In addition, a consistent global course rating system has been implemented to allow a player’s handicap index to be portable from course to course and country to country.

Click here for an introduction from the Ohio Golf Association, pages 28-29 of the January Ohio Golf Journal.

Click here and check out an article from the LPGA Women's Network website.
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