Women account for over 80% of consumer spending decisions. Are women consumers important to your business? Are you looking for ways to establish a relationship with this important decision-making group? Did you know that women make purchasing decisions based upon the context of what is happening in their lives at any given moment, not what age category they are in? Life stage is a more accurate gauge of a woman's needs, activities and shopping patterns.

If you want to connect with women – you need to be where they are! The MN Metro Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association can provide your company a direct link to a highly educated, affluent group of professional women who make purchasing decisions for their businesses and households and happen to have a passion for the sport of golf.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Offers Your Company:
* A direct link to an influential and loyal audience of women with purchasing power both personally and professionally
* An opportunity to actively demonstrate your company's outreach to women
* A channel to establish a connection to golf with your female consumers (women to women)
* Opportunity to develop relationship/access to women/families in order to build larger loyal women's consumer base
* Ability to leverage word of mouth information distribution about your products and services

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Member Are:
50% are between 36 and 55 years of age
80% are employed full time
38% earn a personal income in excess of $100,000
80% have a college degree, 44% of those members have graduate degrees
45% are either business owners, senior manager, executives or in in professional/technical positions

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Economic Clout:
Average, annual spend for golf, golf related travel per member is $5,356

MN Metro Chapter Data:
* There are over 140 members in the MN Metro Chapter
* 60% have been a member for over 10 years
* Majority of our members carry a handicap

The MN Metro Chapter offers it members an opportunity to join a variety of leagues throughout Minneapolis/St Paul metro area.
* Saturday 9-hole and 18-hole traveling leagues
* Weekday evening 9-hole leagues
* Weekday 18-hole traveling leagues

Dollar amount spend generated by league play in 2019 was $26,000.  This amount does not include equipment, golf clothing or "19th Hole Events".  A majority of our leagues are prepaid to the golf course and our members play an average of 34 rounds of 18-hole equivalent golf.

Thank you for your interest in MN Metro LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

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