The Handicap Advantage

Golf can be a challenging enough game as it is—why not help level the playing field and measure your progress at the same time? Establishing and maintaining a handicap will help you do just that!

The best reason to establish a handicap is because it’s a true measurement of your game. By posting your scores, you are creating an ongoing tool to help you understand how your game is progressing. To maintain an accurate handicap, ALWAYS post your scores – the good, the bad and the ugly. Your score should be posted on the same day that you play.

Another good reason to establish a handicap is it allows you to compete against other golfers who are at a different skill level than you. For example, if you are a 30 handicap and playing with someone who is a 20 handicap and you were to have a “friendly wager”, that person would have to give you 10 strokes, 1 stroke on each of the 10 hardest holes as shown on the score card. So by maintaining a handicap, you can play (and beat) anyone!

A GHIN handicap is the standard of measurement in golf. Most tournaments, such as LPGA Amateur Golf Association Chapter Events and MGA (Minnesota Golf Association) events, require participants to provide a current handicap. Think of your handicap as your passport into events—best to have it just in case the opportunity arises!

Establishing your handicap is so easy! Our local chapter offers an easy option for handicap tracking.

GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network) - this option is available to you through the Minnesota Golf Association (MGA). LPGA Amateur Golf Association Minnesota Metro Chapter is recognized as a member club of the MGA. The link below can be used for members to set-up a GHIN account or renew your current account, with our club designation. The fee is $30.00 and after paying the fee a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your membership registration and activation.


It takes a minimum of 54 holes of golf to establish a handicap index (any combination of 9 hole and/or 18 hole rounds). To maintain an accurate handicap index, all rounds should be posted. The exceptions are rounds played in non-conforming formats – scrambles, practice rounds where a player plays more than one ball and novelty game events.

Additional Information - There are some LPGA Amateur Golf Association leagues that require members maintain a handicap. Although not required for every league, we highly encourage ALL LPGA Amateurs players to start and maintain a handicap.

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