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                       2022 League Details - Ready, Set, Golf!

We have some phenomenal League and Golf Outings planned for our members this summer.  Registration will open at 1:00pm (CDT) on April 4, 2022 through Golf Genius.  All league fees will be paid by credit card. 

To register for our 2022 leagues, you will need to be a  new or current LPGA Amateurs member.

  • New to LPGA Amateurs?  Go to the LPGA Amateurs and find out more.  Details on becoming a member can be found there. 
  • Current member who is renewing?  Go to the LPGA Amateurs and sign-in.  Select 'My Transactions' in the Member Clubhouse and you'll see your renewal.  Click on 'Pay Open Orders' and follow the instructions from there. 


League Name & Details


League Registration Link

Braemar 9-Hole Regulation League


I want to join the Braemar League CLICK HERE

Brookview 9-Hole Regulation League


I want to join he Brookview League CLICK HERE

Oak Marsh 9-Hole Regulation League 


I want to join the Oak Marsh League

Rush Creek 9-Hole Regulation League


I want to join the Rush Creek League

Weekday Morning Traveling League


I want to join the Weekday Traveling League CLICK HERE

Saturday Traveling - 9-Hole League (New to Intermediate Golfers)


I want to join the Saturday 9-Hole League

Saturday Traveling - Par 18 League
(Intermediate to Advanced Golfers; established handicap <40)


I want to join the Saturday "Par" League CLICK HERE

Saturday Traveling - Birdie 18 League
(Advanced Intermediate to Advanced Golfers; established handicap +/<25)


I want to join the Saturday "Birdie" League CLICK HERE

 Sunday Alternative Golf League  Sundays I want to join the Sunday Alternative League CLICK HERE

  Unsure about your availability to commit to a regular schedule? Sign up to sub on the prepaid leagues. Subs are always needed so we request that you are seriously committed to subbing.

Splitting a league spot with another Member is also an option.

Payments in Golf Genius:  When registering for leagues, clinics or any events through the chapter's website links, your credit card information will be secured as a token. Golf Genius stores the token from the bank that represents the card data. They send the card for authentication and authorization and the bank sends back a token. When it’s time to charge the card, they send the token to the card company to trigger the payment. The payment is automatically deposited into the chapter's account.

LPGA Amateurs Golf Association has not had any issues with using a waitlist and charging cards at a later date in any of the Association level events or Chapter registrations. Here's couple of things that may happen if your credit card does not process:

1.  A person’s card number changes (due to a re-issue from lost/stolen card). In those situations, the only remedy is to cancel the registration in Golf Genius and have the person re-register with a new card.

2.  A number was entered incorrectly or duplicated itself, whether it was the card number, date or CVV.

If there is an issue with your entry and it stalls in the system, we will send an invoice to you your email and you can pay through the link provided.

After you pay, your payment will be automatically deposited into Billhighway  (our chapter's new financial suite management platform).

Notifications will be sent when the registrant is moved to the confirmed list and following your payment.

League Policies & General Information
2020 League Substitution Policy

Members who elect to participate in events, leagues and/or clinics play at their own risk.  Please review and adhere to local, state and government advisories.

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