Minnesota Metro Chapter
MN Metro Chapter Golf Professionals
The Minnesota Metro Chapter of LPGA Amateurs would like to thank these golf professionals for their support. In addition to offering clinics to our members, they also provide public clinics, private lessons, and group lessons at their home facilities. We invite you to visit their websites and are providing contact information for a great group of golf professionals who want to help you play better golf.

Angela Ause, PGA Professional
Summer:  Oak Marsh Golf Course, Oakdale (in-season)
Winter:  Midwest Golf Dome, Maplewood (November-March)
Contact Angie at: 612.804.5055 www.ausegolf.com 

Michael Turnbull, PGA Professional
Location: Brookview Golf Course, Golden Valley
Contact Michael at: www.mindfulgolf.com


The Handicap Advantage
Golf can be a challenging enough game as it is—why not help level the playing field and measure your progress at the same time! Establishing and maintaining a handicap will help you do just that!
  • The best reason to establish a handicap is because it’s a true measurement of your game.  By posting your scores, you are creating an ongoing report of how your game is progressing.

  • Another good reason to establish a handicap is it allows you to compete against other golfers who are at a different skill level than you. If you are a 30 handicap and playing with someone who is a 20 and you were to have a “friendly wager”, that person would have to give you 10 strokes, 1 stroke on each of the 10 hardest holes as shown on the score card.  So by maintaining a handicap, you can play (and beat) anyone!

A handicap is the standard of measurement in golf, most tournaments, such as the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Chapter Championship and MGA (Minnesota Golf Association) events, require participants to maintain a handicap.  Think of your handicap as your passport into events—best to have it just in case the opportunity arises!

Establishing your handicap is so easy! Our local chapter offers two options for handicap tracking.

GN21 - this is free service with your LPGA Amateur Golf Association membership, allows you to plan in all LPGA Amateur Golf Association events and tournaments, and enables you to track your progress.  All you have to do is activate the system and enter your scores.

GHIN - this option is coordinated for you through Rush Creek for those who want a GHIN and do not have one through another club.  The cost for handicap for new and renewing LPGA Amateurs members is $25.00 and can processed online by clicking HERE.  While a GHIN is not necessary for competing in LPGA Amateur Golf Association events, it is required for MGA events and may be better received for other non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association competitive tournaments.

Additional Information - There are some LPGA Amateur Golf Association leagues (all 18-hole leagues and more advanced 9 hole leagues) where our chapter requires members maintain a handicap.  Although not required for every league, we highly encourage ALL LPGA Amateurs players to start and maintain a handicap.

It takes the equivalent of five 18-hole rounds to establish a handicap (i.e., two 9-hole rounds equals one 18-hole round).  Several events, including our Chapter Championship, require participants to have an established handicap, so get those rounds in and make sure they are tracked! 


Rules & Etiquette Documents
Check out the Simplified Rules of Golf, provided by the MGA  for an easy to understand overview of the USGA golf rules.  For an overview on Golf Etiquette, we offer a summary document from start to finish of your round and how to respect the course, your fellow players and the game.  Consider downloading a Golf Rules app to your smartphone. The USGA Rules of Golf app is free.


Key Rule Links
Rules and Decisions - the complete rule book in web format.
USGA Rules of Golf Quiz - Test your knowledge by taking the USGA rules quiz.