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Feb 12, 2019, 14:27 PM
Chapter Full Name : Minnesota Metro
State : MN
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The MN Metro Chapter of LPGA Amateurs has been connecting women in the Twin Cities through golf and social events since 1992.  We have leagues and events in many parts of the Twin Cities, for all levels of golfers. 


18  Tee Off  - Virtual Event 
Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Your President - Angie Christo
Angie is a 20+ year member of EWGA/LPGA Amateurs and is actively involved in many Chapter activities including representing our Chapter in the National Championship in 2016.  Angie looks forward to leading the Chapter in 2019 and working with the Board to offer events and activities that meet membership needs and support growing membership.

Your Golf Programs 
Director, Alice Heth
Alice joined EWGA/LPGA Amateurs in 2002.  She is an active member of our Chapter and has participated and attended numerous Chapter golf and social events.  In her role as Golf Programs Director, Alice will oversee all golf activities:  leagues, events, Chapter Championship, education and handicaps.

Your Financial Director, 
Kathy McCray
Kathy has been an active member of EWGA/LPGA Amateurs since 2007.  As the Finance Director, Kathy will be responsible ensuring National compliance, record retention and oversees the Chapter budget.

Your Social Events Directors  Sheila Mullen & Terry Fraser
As the Social Directors Sheila and Terry will oversee all non-golf related events including Tee Off, Year End and the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Charity events as well as all other social events to help our membership stay connected.  Sheila has been an active member of EWGA/LPGA Amateurs since 2015.  Terry has been an active member of EWGA/LPGA Amateurs since 2000.

Your Member Services Director, Laurie Stanek
As the Member Services Director, Laurie will be responsible for membership and recruiting activities that support retaining current members and attracting new members.  Laurie is a new member of our Chapter, joining us in 2018.

Your Marketing Director, Dianne Nesburg
Dianne is an avid supporter of our Chapter.  She is a long time member of EWGA/LPGA Amateurs, joining the organization in 1999.  The Marketing Director oversees sponsorship activities, preferred courses, communication including newsletters. 

Reservation & Cancellation Policy
Please be respectful of registration deadlines - deadlines are given because of the need for the number of attendees to any given event, by a certain date for the venue or sponsor. Reservations for events sponsored by the MN Metro Chapter are available on a first come, first serve basis. Advance payment by check or credit card is required at the time reservation is made. Exceptions to this policy must be arranged with the event coordinator prior to the registration deadline in order to pay upon arrival. Since our events require a confirmed count of golfers, diners, etc. to the host facility, once that final count is provided, the chapter is committed and is billed according to that count. If you are unable to attend an event, you must contact the event coordinator to cancel. While the cancellation date may vary by event, we ask that each member contact the event coordinator as soon as you know that you will not be attending. If you have paid in advance and cannot attend, your money will be refunded ONLY if you have notified the event coordinator according to the published cancellation date. If you have arranged to pay at the event, and do not provide adequate cancellation notice, you will be billed.

Guest Policy
The MN Metro Chapter recognizes that bringing guests to chapter sponsored events is a great way to share information about the organization as well as the game of golf. Many of the events - golf and networking - sponsored by the chapter are open to guests. Guests may be asked to pay a premium fee for these events. In addition, the MN Metro Chapter asks that a guest attend no more than two (2) events in a season before joining LPGA Amateurs. This policy is intended to encourage guests to join the chapter in order to receive the many membership benefits.

2020 Calendar of Events is Under Construction .... more to come

2020 Annual Tee Off Event

Please join us at the first (and hopefully last) VIRTUAL TEE OFF event.  We will provide a link to join the event via the Zoom platform. 

  • We will have a presentation on planned Chapter activities for 2020 and updates from HQ
  • The latest plans for leagues will be provided
  • We will also answer member questions (as time permits). Watch for a request to submit questions.

Please invite friends who may be interested in joining the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, as we are planning leagues and events this summer with start dates TBD.

2020 League Details - Under Construction!

MN Metro Chapter Golf Professionals
The Minnesota Metro Chapter of LPGA Amateurs would like to thank these golf professionals for their support. In addition to offering clinics to our members, they also provide public clinics, private lessons, and group lessons at their home facilities. We invite you to visit their websites and are providing contact information for a great group of golf professionals who want to help you play better golf.

Angela Ause, PGA Professional
Summer:  Oak Marsh Golf Course, Oakdale (in-season)
Winter:  Midwest Golf Dome, Maplewood (November-March)
Contact Angie at: 612.804.5055 www.ausegolf.com 

Michael Turnbull, PGA Professional
Location: Brookview Golf Course, Golden Valley
Contact Michael at: www.mindfulgolf.com


Michael Turnbull's Clinics

Wine, Women, & Mindful Golf ClinicsTrying too hard? Thinking too much? It doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn't have to be that way. If you're the type of golfer who wants to escape the checklists and technical jargon, these clinics are for you.  Learn some very simple methods to swing a golf club and increase your confidence on the course, not to mention enjoy a glass of wine while you learn.

Mindful Full Swing Clinic - Irons/Hybrids & Woods
Friday, May 15th @ 7:00pm
Brookview Golf Course Lesson Site (Limit 12)
Click HERE to sign up

The goal of this clinic is to have fun, work on your approach shots, and have a glass of wine all at the same time. This clinic presents a simple and relaxed way to feel the difference between a swing that rolls the ball on the ground and one that launches it in the air. Discover what matters most when hitting approach shots and develop some confidence with your irons/hybrids. Or, if you want to work on your woods instead of irons, learn to feel what is important when swinging the long clubs. Discover your sources of consistency and distance with both your driver and fairway woods.

Mindful Short Swing Clinic - Short Swings
Friday, June 12th @ 7:00pm
Brookview Golf Course Lesson Site  (Limit 12)
Click HERE to sign up

What better way to work on your short game than with a glass of wine? The goal of this clinic is to have fun, work on your chip shots, and enjoy a glass of wine all at the same time. Students will learn simple short game techniques and methods to increase consistency and confidence. The ability to use a variety of clubs will add creativity to your game and lower your scores.


The Handicap Advantage
Golf can be a challenging enough game as it is—why not help level the playing field and measure your progress at the same time! Establishing and maintaining a handicap will help you do just that!
  • The best reason to establish a handicap is because it’s a true measurement of your game.  By posting your scores, you are creating an ongoing report of how your game is progressing.

  • Another good reason to establish a handicap is it allows you to compete against other golfers who are at a different skill level than you. If you are a 30 handicap and playing with someone who is a 20 and you were to have a “friendly wager”, that person would have to give you 10 strokes, 1 stroke on each of the 10 hardest holes as shown on the score card.  So by maintaining a handicap, you can play (and beat) anyone!

A handicap is the standard of measurement in golf, most tournaments, such as the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Chapter Championship and MGA (Minnesota Golf Association) events, require participants to maintain a handicap.  Think of your handicap as your passport into events—best to have it just in case the opportunity arises!

Establishing your handicap is so easy! Our local chapter offers two options for handicap tracking.

GN21 - this is free service with your LPGA Amateur Golf Association membership, allows you to plan in all LPGA Amateur Golf Association events and tournaments, and enables you to track your progress.  All you have to do is activate the system and enter your scores.

GHIN - this option is coordinated for you through Rush Creek for those who want a GHIN and do not have one through another club.  The cost for handicap for new and renewing LPGA Amateurs members is $25.00 and can processed online by clicking HERE.  While a GHIN is not necessary for competing in LPGA Amateur Golf Association events, it is required for MGA events and may be better received for other non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association competitive tournaments.

Additional Information - There are some LPGA Amateur Golf Association leagues (all 18-hole leagues and more advanced 9 hole leagues) where our chapter requires members maintain a handicap.  Although not required for every league, we highly encourage ALL LPGA Amateurs players to start and maintain a handicap.

It takes the equivalent of five 18-hole rounds to establish a handicap (i.e., two 9-hole rounds equals one 18-hole round).  Several events, including our Chapter Championship, require participants to have an established handicap, so get those rounds in and make sure they are tracked! 


Rules & Etiquette Documents
Check out the Simplified Rules of Golf, provided by the MGA  for an easy to understand overview of the USGA golf rules.  For an overview on Golf Etiquette, we offer a summary document from start to finish of your round and how to respect the course, your fellow players and the game.  Consider downloading a Golf Rules app to your smartphone. The USGA Rules of Golf app is free.


Key Rule Links
Rules and Decisions - the complete rule book in web format.
USGA Rules of Golf Quiz - Test your knowledge by taking the USGA rules quiz.

Women account for over 80% of consumer spending decisions. Are women consumers important to your business? Are you looking for ways to establish a relationship with this important decision making group? Did you know that women make purchasing decisions based upon the context of what is happening in their lives at any given moment, not what age category they are in? Life stage is a more accurate gauge of a woman's needs, activities and shopping patterns.

If you want to connect with women – you need to be where they are! The MN Metro Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association can provide your company a direct link to a highly educated, affluent group of professional women who make purchasing decisions for their businesses and households and happen to have a passion for the sport of golf.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Offers Your Company:
* A direct link to an influential and loyal audience of women with purchasing power both  personally and professionally
* An opportunity to actively demonstrate your company's outreach to women
* A channel to establish a connection to golf with your female consumers (women to women)
* Opportunity to develop relationship/access to women/families in order to build larger loyal women's consumer base
* Ability to leverage word of mouth information distribution about your products and services

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Member Are:
50% are between 36 and 55 years of age
80% are employed full time
38% earn a personal income in excess of $100,000
80% have a college degree, 44% of those members have graduate degrees
45% are either business owners, senior manager, executives or in in professional/technical positions

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Economic Clout:
Average, annual spend for golf, golf related travel per member is $5,356

MN Metro Chapter Data:
* There are over 140 members in the MN Metro Chapter
* 60% have been a member for over 10 years
* Majority of our members carry a handicap

The MN Metro Chapter offers it members an opportunity to join a variety of leagues throughout Minneapolis/St Paul metro area.
* Saturday 9-hole and 18-hole traveling leagues
* Weekday evening 9-hole leagues
* Weekday 18-hole traveling leagues

Dollar amount spend generated by league play in 2019 was $26,000.  This amount does not include equipment, golf clothing or "19th Hole Events".  A majority of our leagues are prepaid to the golf course and our members play an average of 34 rounds of 18-hole equivalent golf.

If you want to learn about our 2020 Business Partner Sponsorship, click HERE.

If you’re a golf course and would like to be part of our Preferred Course Program, click HERE.

Thank you for your interest in MN Metro LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

Dianne Nesburg, MN Metro LPGA Amateur Golf Association Marketing Team

Minnesota Metro
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