Chapter Policies


Sign Up Policy

Golf event planning, scheduling, and hosting is a core benefit offered by our Chapter.  It’s up to each participant to help the process run smoothly, and help us maintain good relationships with local golf courses.  Here are some things you can do to help:

  1. When you RSVP, note if you have any special requests.  Your requests may not always be able to be accommodated. We request that you don’t always ask to pair up with the same three individuals as we want our members to interact.
  2. If you have a guest, please provide the name. A guest is allowed to play in an event twice during the season. After that, we expect the guest to join the Chapter.
  3. If you have changes or need to cancel up until 2 days of the event, please email the  Golf Events Director to ensure we can act on your information.
  4. If you have changes or need to cancel after the pairings are announced, please call the host.  The name and phone number are on the pairings list. Do not use the Evite, as your comments will not be seen in time.
  5. Check in with the host when you arrive.
  6. Arrive at the golf course at least 30 minutes before your tee time.  Be at the first tee 10 minutes ahead of your tee time.
  7. Unless indicated differently there is no fee at the time of the Evite. You pay your course/cart fees at the pro shop when you arrive.

Please be aware of our cancellation policy as indicated below.  Unless there is a personal emergency or illness, you must cancel prior to 24 hours ahead of the event.  If you are a no-show or chronically cancel late, you will be subject to a suspension from the next two events.

If on the date of the event it is raining, we generally continue the event. If the course closes or there is thunder or lightning, we will get off the course.  If the event is cancelled prior to the event, a message will come out on Evite an hour or two prior to the event.

Approximated Event Time Line

  • 10 days before the event- Initial invitation sent
  • 5 - 6 days before the event - Invite reminder to those who have NOT responded
  • Wednesday before the event - Registration closes
  • Friday before the event - A reminder and pairings are created by the EVENTS DIRECTOR and sent to those responding YES. This pairing sheet also has the host's name, email and phone number.  At this point if you cancel you must contact the HOST for the event. 

Cancellation Policy

Unless there is a personal emergency or illness, you must cancel at least 24 hours ahead of the event.  

On-line cancellation: Cancel online by Thursday 11:59 am before the event.

If you cancel after the Thursday11:59 am deadline, please contact the host for the event (this will be on the invite) or email the EVENTS DIRECTOR

f you are a no-show or chronically cancel late, you will be subject to a suspension from the next two events.

Please help the LPGA AMATEURS TRIANGLE NC remain in good standing with all the course we interact with by following this process and cancellation policy. 

Guests Welcome
Guests are welcome and encouraged for all chapter golf and social events, except for our local, sectional and national tournaments or as otherwise noted in the event invitation. Men are welcome, too!
You may invite the same person only twice in a calendar year (Jan-Dec); after that we hope they will see how wonderful the group is and join. Men can join our organization as well, but cannot play in official LPGA Amateur tournaments.

Sponsor Events (Clinics, Open Houses, Etc)  

Several of our sponsors, offer clinics, classes and events throughout the year to our membership. Those events are often fully booked and staffed accordingly. therefor  no-shows and late cancellations reflect very poorly on our chapter. 
Unless there’s an emergency situation, please cancel your enrollment 24 hours prior to any clinic or lesson or event with any of our sponsors. So that they can staff appropriately. Otherwise they may be forced to implement a pre-pay policy. 
Thanks for your respect and support for all our sponsors!
Chapter Sponsors & Partners