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COVID-19 Update: Leagues and clinics are rescheduled. Click on Events and Education tabs for updates
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        Welcome to Omaha Chapter in Nebraska

Like all LPGA Amateur chapters, here in Omaha we welcome women of all skill levels, including those new to the game—offering a varied schedule of weeknight league play, weekend recreational outings, tournaments, instructional clinics, social and networking events. Members choose to participate according to their individual interests and schedules.

  Click on Events Tab to view registration information for leagues,  competitions, golf dates, and social events.  Click on Education for Clinic registrations.

Choose as many as you want to join, however each sign up is a separate transaction. New registrants will need to enter name and email. Pay with Pay Pal.  If you have problems, pay as a guest on PayPal screen. If you accidently sign up for the wrong thing, send a change request to change registration

          2020 Calendar of Current Events

Clinics will be rescheduled. Refunds will be sent via PayPal to  your account. 
Leagues are rescheduled. Watch your emails and social media for updates.

 Stone Creek start date has  been changed to May 12th.  Email Catie to sign up.   

Pacific Springs is updating their policies. Email Denise for more information. June 3 start date with a 13 week league (charged for 12). Refunds and details will be given when we have confirmation from the course.  Adjustments will be made when this is finalized.

August Multichapter event has been cancelled for 2020. Email Jason at Osage National Golf Resort for refund information if you have reserved your lodging.

Rest assured, your board of directors is working very hard to keep everyone safe and healthy by following the guidelines set forth by LPGA Golf Association and our communities. We will announce current changes via email and newsletters from Mailchimp.










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Lpga kickoff 2020 group (2)
lpga Studer and Clark new members 2019 (2)
lpga Cog Hill Catie Baker 2019
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lpga Fairway Ninjas CUP 3rd place Cog Hill 2019
LPGA Shareen Sectionals July 20 2019 (2)
lpga Multichapter Galena 2019 Omaha
Chapter News and Announcements
  •   The LPGA Amateurs membership card distributor is currently closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions and we are unable to provide the regular membership cards. In the interim, temporary member ID cards are now available in the Member Clubhouse.

    To download and print these temporary cards:

    1. Visit and press and complete Sign In
    2. On the My Profile page, press Purchases tab along the top row of tabs
    3. Press Memberships
    4. Under Active Memberships, find the column ID Cards and press the blue button
    5. A new box will pop up and ask for permission to download on your computer, press OK
    6. Print the downloaded file
     Membership Applications and Renewals - Payment by Check
    Due to closure of the LPGA Amateurs and LPGA Finance offices, we are unable to accept and process checks as usual for new and renewing members at this time. Please contact if a member is unable or chooses not to pay for their dues online to determine if there are any other options available. 

    Here is a step-by-step video on how to download on Facebook.

    Renewal of membership
  • Welcome to our new Masters Level Sponsor. Jamie Hansen is the
    founder and owner of Alloy Strong and is the  Events Director of our chapter.
    Alloy Solutions is a team of professional coaches, speakers, and
    trainers driven to elevate the companies we serve. We believe in
    equipping leaders with proven, evidence-based tools tailored to fit
    your organization. When we combine our passion for employee
    development with your industry and job expertise, we create
    stronger, more flexible leaders and organizations - ready to
    conquer anything. How strong do you want to be?
    More information

    Jamie Hansen is the founder of Alloy Solutions, LLC. She is passionate about sharing sound leadership and psychological success strategies with business and community groups. Jamie has presented relationship leadership principles to business, community, and faith organizations across the country.  
  • Midwest Custom Bottling in Waukesha, WI has joined our Birdie Sponsor team.
    They are known for their creation of Tippy Cow Rum Creams. These delightful concoctions were created to remind you of flavors and tastes you have been enjoying your entire life.  Prepare to share because Tippy Cow always draws a crowd!
    For more information visit their website Tippy Cow Rum
Association News and Announcements
  • Please contact the Chapter leaders if you have questions about Chapter events due to COVID-19. 
  • It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week and words can’t accurately describe the gratitude we have for our LPGA Amateurs volunteers. In the midst of the world pandemic, our volunteers have stepped up to the plate, rolled up their sleeves, and are proven change agents and innovators. In our sport, the golf clap is a universal sign of respect and appreciation, #WECLAPFOREYOU. View picture message from LPGA Amateurs Staff.
  • Members receive two months of membership with Headspace for free. To access the complimentary code visit the My Offers page in the Member Clubhouse. 
Member Benefits

The LPGA Amateurs offers a welcoming golf community for all women to learn to play, play better, have fun and make friends.  Highlights of LPGA Amateurs member benefits include:

  • Organized golf: leagues, outings, regional & LPGA Amateurs competitive events, golf experiences and trips
  • Golf education, instruction and clinics
  • Social and networking events
  • Free entrance (member plus one guest) to all LPGA, Symetra, and LPGA Legends Tour events in the US and Canada
  • Discounts on apparel, equipment, travel, greens fees and more

View all member benefits

Access the Member Clubhouse to view benefit details (members only)


Handicap Information

The World Handicap System (WHS) unifies the six different handicap systems being used around the world into a single system that enables golfers of different ability to play and compete on a fair and equitable basis, in any format, on any course, anywhere around the world.

Having a handicap index allows golfers to:

  • Participate in more events (those that require a handicap index).
  • Have a measurable means of tracking improvement.
  • Allow score adjustments to even the playing field when playing with golfers of different skill levels.

World Handicap System Is Live. The initiative to unify the six different handicap systems in use around the world into a single World Handicap System began on  Jan 1, 2020.

 LPGA Amateur Golf Association's GolfNet GN21 Handicap Service

GN21 is a web-based, handicapping system included with your LPGA Amateur Golf Association membership. Handicaps issued by GolfNet are sanctioned by the USGA and follow all the rules for handicaps established by the USGA.

Benefits of GN21:

  • It's included in your membership!
  • Post scores via LPGA Amateur Golf Association website.
  • Print a handicap card on GN21 website.
  • View your scoring history.
  • Track personal game statistics.
  • Maintain a personal golf calendar.
  • Access 20,000+ golf course profiles.
  • Communicate with other members.
  • Attest scores for other members.

 Ready to get started?  Log in at the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Member Clubhouse.

After logging in with your email and LPGA Amateur Golf Association password, click on My Handicap on the left side of the page and then click on Post a Score to enter the GN21 system.



We are always looking for "enthusiastic" individuals who want to help with  events  by filling our volunteer positions. Examples are Registration table, greeters, decorations.
Click here   YES! Sign me up to volunteer for events to offer your time and talents. Lots of positions to choose from on our list. We value all of YOU!



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Chapter logo apparel, accessories and merchandise are now available from LPGA Amateurs partner XactXpressions. Shop the Chapter Merchandise Store. Ten percent of purchase price benefits the LPGA Foundation--including LPGA*USGA Girls Golf!  

World Handicap System Is Live. The initiative to unify the six different handicap systems in use around the world into a single World Handicap System began on  Jan 1, 2020.   USGA handicap info